Drivers take opposite sides on new speed humps in south Huntsville

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - Lily Flagg Road in south Huntsville has been a busy east-west connector for decades.  Just a few weeks ago a big change was made on Lily Flagg. The road got two sets of speed humps. They're intended to slow down drivers.

"They're annoying and they're hard on your car," says Vaughn Yost, who has been using Lily Flagg for some 30 years.  He also says Lily Flagg Road isn't supposed to have the traffic calming devices.

The road is designated as an official "Collector" for neighborhood traffic, and Yost is right that normally these type of roads don't have speed humps.  A neighbor who lives on Lily Flagg says there was a definite speeding problem on the road, and the speed humps were needed.

"I think they're good. You know you've got people cruising through here pretty fast.  It just kind of maintains the speed and you got little kids," says Roland Markwalter.   Markwalter admits it's no fun going over the speed humps, but he also says... there are just two sets of them.

WHNT News 19 took action to find out if the speed humps were effective, or just annoying.  With our radar gun we caught a majority of drivers slowing down to go over the humps, but then quickly accelerating back to 30 miles an hour or faster.  The humps don't appear to be working as intended .

We took action again,  and this time called the city's Traffic Engineering Department to find out the reasoning behind the changes on Lily Flagg.  First of all, a Department spokesman told us that Lily Flagg had a definite speeding problem. Second, the city has installed speed humps on other so-called neighborhood collectors. Finally, the effectiveness of the speed humps will be evaluated, and if necessary, changes will be made.

Vaughn Yost still wants the speed humps removed. "They should not be there," he says.

We asked Roland Markwalter if he would be upset if the speed humps were removed. "You know, I kind of would. I think they're needed," Markwalter said.

Right now, the two sets of speed humps remain in place. We were told it was too early to speculate on what might happen, but this is a situation we plan to re-visit in the coming months.


  • Ray

    The speed bumps on Lily Flagg road are fine with me. Actually there needs to be more through the residential parts. I have traveled that road since I was in HS at Grissom back in the 1980s and now live near Lily Flagg so I see the speeding every day and night. The road is major cut across from the parkway to Bailey Cove and also the other way. High school students drive it every morning and after school which should go away with the new school. Hickory Hill has speedbumps all along it and it works quite well. If you have long stretches of road in residential areas especially connectors you will have alot of speeding. There is no reason a person cant travel through Lily Flagg at posted speed limits and be burdened by the speed bumps…

  • Juan Contreras

    I love these type speed bumps. If you place one tire in between the bumps and speed up before you get to them you don’t even feel the bump!!!

  • Sanity

    The speed cushions were installed on Lily Flagg because people refuse to observe the posted residential speed limit of 25 mph. Though people have the right to use Lily Flagg, they do not have the right to break the law. In my opinion, additional speed cushions need to be installed. Or, better yet, have Huntsville Police monitor speeds and write tickets on a daily basis. For those that find the speed cushions annoying, use a different east-west crossover. The safety of the residents of Lily Flagg should not be compromised because drivers refuse to obey the posted speed limits and feel the need to text and drive in a residential zone.

  • KB

    If anyone is complaining then these are the speeders. “Annoying and hard on your car”?? Then you’re still going to fast! How annoying would it be to have someone lose control and crash into your house? My street is a drag strip and I wish we had them.

  • LilyFlaggResident

    To Councilman John Olshewski, Cpt Harris, and the HPD officers who patrolled Lily Flagg Rd during the evaluation period prior to the installation of the traffic calming devices, a profound Thank You for your service! Your efforts are greatly appreciated! To Huntsville Traffic Engineering, Thank You for recognizing and addressing a need!
    To Mr Yost and any other person who feels that your convenience outweighs the safety of the residents of this “neighborhood,” whannnn! Mr. Yost you are correct that the status of Lily Flagg Rd as a “minor collector” normally negates the installation of traffic calming devices. However, after the aforementioned evaluation period it was deemed that there was in fact a significant problem. Huntsville Traffic Engineering would make an exception if more than 75% of the residents would sign a petition in favor of the installation of the devices. We got more than 95%! FYI Weatherly and Four Mile Post roads are posted at 40 MPH and have no traffic calming devices. They will provide you access between Baily Cove and Memorial Parkway very nicely.
    WHNT 19, thank you for addressing this issue and providing a forum for discussion of the issue.
    As a final note to all who care, as stated in the article, this issue is not finished. The continued disregard for the law and the safety of the Lily Flagg residents may well result in “additional” traffic calming devices being installed. So, if that 30 seconds you save between the stop sign and the traffic light is worth it; the road may only get bumpier!

  • brounmk

    It’s unfortunate we have to have these. It’s like my dad told me once, he said “son, speed bumps aren’t for you and me, they are for the idiots who race through the parking lots and residiential areas”. Most of the restrctions placed on our lives are due to living among the idiots. Sort of like the “give way” law that was recently passed. Now, there’s a law that says cars have to give a certain distance when passing city vehicles stopped alongside the road. In a more civil society, we relied on common sense and courtesy.

  • Country Boy 4

    LOL! No speed bumps for Charlotte Drive where there has been several wrecks. Yes speed bumps on Lilly Flag where there have been no wrecks. Typical Huntsville ignorance!!!! HAHAHA…glad I moved from that joke of a city!

    • LilyFlaggResident

      No accidents on Lily Flagg Rd??? I’m the one LOL!! Wanna see the pictures?!! Five utility poles struck, two broken in half within three houses of the speedbumps! A landscaper struck while loading his mower, a police vehicle disables two vehicles while performing a rollover! Brick mailboxes taken out completely! Remember CB4, the speed limit on Lily Flagg is 25MPH!! And BTW, thank you for moving!

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