TAKING ACTION: What to do if you have damage from demolition at Redstone Arsenal

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REDSTONE ARSENAL, Ala. (WHNT) - As officials continue demolition missions, many Huntsville residents report hearing many booms much louder than typical explosions on the base.

WHNT News 19 viewer Debby Rabuck emailed our newsroom after her antique plate was knocked off the shelf from the rattling Tuesday.

"I thought you all do so many consumer orientated programs, maybe you would have an avenue to get something done," Rabuck says.

We Took Action and called Redstone officials about the problem. They say this week there was a demolition of a large rocket mortar. Officials say they have received dozens of calls about damage from the blast.

Redstone Arsenal officials say if you have damage, visit this website and click "Report a Noise Concern." There, you will find a link with instructions on how to file a claim.

As to the rocked mortar, Redstone personnel say there's no cause for concern. These explosions are done under the supervision of the safety offices of all commands involved in these missions.


  • Nuclear Mike

    Our house foundations are being “settled” again and I wonder if there is legal recourse for such damages now???

  • Judy Burley

    We just made repairs to cracks in the walls, now more booms! Is there any legal recourse
    Can they make smaller jobs so the booms are not so loud and shake my home so badly

    • Debris

      I’m with you there must be alternative ways or options to blow up the munitions. Awareness and not reimbursement ( as some others think) is the goal here. Unfortunately, fixing the cracks is all most of us can do.

  • JLG

    “As to the rocked (sic) mortar, Redstone personnel say there’s no cause for concern. These explosions are done under the supervision of the safety offices of all commands involved in these missions.”

    I’d bet that the recent UAV explosion, the space shuttle,.. and an untold # of military mishaps,… were also conducted under supervision.

  • Jack and the Magic Goat

    My home is within sight of the Arsenal’s west fence and about every 100 feet or so there is a sign warning of such things……… so I as a home owner was aware of this possibility when I built here…… so yeah anything that breaks I think should be my responsibility…….. Then again I am also not looking for a handout from the gov’t like so many are today in our “welfare” state and accept responsibility for myself and family.

  • Country Boy 2

    I do know that even miles away from Redstone there has been a dramatic increase in wildlife movements, more than in previous years without the huge explosions. BE CAREFUL DRIVING! Basically, the military/NASA/Feds do what they want to do and someone is going to pay…like residents and wildlife. How absolutely ignorant of Redstone! With all the technology and logistics and etc. available to them, a wiser plan could have been put into place. If you can fuse it, you can defuse it, carry it to the dessert and blow it to smithereens. The military will be happy because they got to destroy something and the residents here would be happy too.

  • Porsche

    Let me understand this demolition – in the everyday world we CRUSH cars and recycle, but in the GooberMINT world be blow up rockets? Am I missing something?

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