CNN: Teen used in Sparkman Middle rape ‘bait’ case speaks out

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TONEY, Alabama (CNN) — She says she didn’t want to do it, but was convinced by a teacher’s aide to act as bait to catch an accused sexual predator.

What happened next was horrific: The then-14-year-old girl says she was sodomized by a fellow student in a school bathroom.

Now 19, she is telling her story publicly for the very first time.

“I just felt like I was set up by the teachers. They gave me a word that they couldn’t keep,” said the woman, who asked CNN to call her “Jaden.”

According to court records, a 16-year-old student approached Jaden in the hallway of Sparkman Middle School in Toney, Alabama, on January 22, 2010, and asked her to meet him in a bathroom for sex.

It was not the first time the boy had propositioned her, said Jaden, who was enrolled in the school’s special education program.

Usually, she just ignored him. But, on that day, Jaden told a friend, who suggested she tell a teacher’s aide about what was happening.

That aide, June Ann Simpson, knew of other girls who the boy had tried to lure into a bathroom for sex, according to a 2010 federal lawsuit filed by Jaden’s father against Madison County Schools and officials.

Simpson, in turn, told the school’s principal, Ronnie Blair, about the allegations.

According to a 2012 deposition, Blair told Simpson the boy would have to be proven guilty to be punished. In response, Simpson crafted a plan to prove the allegations, using Jaden as bait.

The idea was to have the girl agree to meet the boy in a bathroom. Simpson would watch surveillance video, and teachers would intervene before anything happened.

“I told her no. I didn’t want to do it,” Jaden told CNN. She acquiesced later that day.

“I just wanted it to stop,” Jaden said about the alleged harassment.

‘He just gets away with it’

Key questions in her case center around who knew what and when.

Jaden and Simpson claim they then went to the office of vice-principal Jeanne Dunaway.

However, Simpson says when she told Dunaway about the plan, Dunaway did not respond. During a deposition, Dunaway denied the conversation happened.

Jaden says she then left Dunaway’s office and found the boy in the hallway to tell him they could “do it.”

Simpson stayed behind to watch surveillance monitors, hoping to catch the two walk into the bathroom. She never did.

According to Jaden’s written statement after the incident, the boy made a last-minute change.

Instead of meeting in the boys’ bathroom on the special needs students’ corridor, the boy allegedly told the girl to meet him in the sixth grade boys’ bathroom, in another part of the school.

Once there, Jaden says she tried to stall the boy, hoping a teacher would rush in. She told him she didn’t want to have sex, and she tried blocking him, according to her 2012 deposition. Nothing worked. Jaden says the boy sodomized her.

“I thought they were going to do what they said they were going to do — and be there and stop him — just get him in trouble,” Jaden told CNN.

The alleged attacker was never charged and the case was never presented to a grand jury, according to Madison County District Attorney Robert Broussard.

The incident was characterized as “inappropriate (sic) touching a girl in boys bathroom” according to school disciplinary records. The boy was suspended from school for five days and sent to an alternative school for a short time.

The alleged attack was at least the 13th incident of sexual or violent misconduct in the boy’s file, all within two academic years. While at the alternative school, the boy was suspended for sharing pornographic images on a cell phone.

He was eventually allowed to return to Sparkman Middle School while Jaden was still enrolled as a student.

“He just gets away with it, I guess,” she told CNN.

June Ann Simpson resigned shortly after the incident.

“My client has gone from being a teacher’s aide to being a scapegoat,” Simpson’s attorney, McGriff Belser III told CNN.

Dunaway is now the principal at nearby Madison County Elementary School.

‘Hard for me to have good days’

In 2013, a district court judge allowed the father’s claims of state violations, including negligence, against Simpson and Dunaway. The judge tossed out the federal claims — that the school district violated Title IX and that Simpson and school administrators deprived the girl of her civil rights.

Title IX is a federal law aimed at ending sexual discrimination in education. In part, it dictates how schools that receive federal funds must respond to claims of sexual harassment.

Both sides have appealed.

“(Judge T. Michael Putnam) found the board of education’s policies were proper. He found that the school administrators took appropriate action and complied completely with federal law as soon as they were notified of this unfortunate incident,” attorney Mark Boardman told reporters last month.

Boardman’s firm represents Madison County Schools and the administrators named in the 2010 lawsuit.

The firm has not responded to CNN’s numerous calls for an interview.

Also in September, the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division submitted a 126-page strident amicus brief to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit, disagreeing with the district judge’s order.

The brief, submitted jointly with the U.S. Department of Education, argues the school, in its capacity as a recipient of federal funds is “liable for (its) deliberate indifference to known acts of peer sexual harassment.”

“If Title IX imposes any responsibility on school officials to prevent sexual harassment, it surely requires a response when they learn, as here, that a 14-year-old special needs student is about to be used as bait to catch a 16-year-old student with an extensive history of sexual and violent misconduct,” federal attorneys write in the brief.

On the same day the federal brief was submitted, the Women’s Law Project, joined by 32 national and local organizations, submitted a joint brief supporting the family’s lawsuit. The National Women’s Law Center and the family’s attorney, Eric Artrip, have also submitted a joint brief to the Eleventh Circuit.

“It means a lot. It says that people actually care about what happens,” Jaden told CNN

Months after the incident, the teen transferred to a school district out of state, but eventually dropped out of school before graduating. Jaden says she continues to struggle.

“It’s hard for me to have good days,” she told CNN. “I have days to where I just want to sit there by myself. I get angry faster, and I get insecure.”

Asked what might help her, she stressed the importance of justice and closure.

“By actually having our day in court, and letting everything be known, so that it won’t happen again,” Jaden said.


  • Billie

    “Unfortunate incident?” Really??? This girl was RAPED! What if it was his daughter? That boy should be expelled. She has to live with this grief for the rest of her life.

    • BIG BEN

      I see some conflicts in 5 his story. After the incident happen, her written statement she said the boy made last minute changes to the location originally. If last minute changes were made by the boy, how would Faculty determine the location to arrive to catch him in the act? Please explain Jayden…..

      • JA

        I’m not sure what you’re trying to say. The teachers expected him to go to one bathroom, but he decided to go to another. This is their reason for not stopping him. Afterwards, Jayden told them where the rape occurred, which is how they found out he went to a bathroom they weren’t watching.

      • Dan

        Granted his change of venue complicates things, but the teacher that put her up to it should have got help and searched the school.

      • JLG

        she was 14 years old, not a trained operative.
        That the boy, with a long history of discipline problem, including of a sexual nature, while ON SUSPENSION, could even THINK of having sex in a school bathroom, proves he knew the adults were not in control of what takes place on campus. And now we all know. Even if there is consensual sex on campus means the school admins have failed to provide a safe and proper learning environment; the BoE tolerating that failure means they have also failed in the in their roles as elected agents for taxpayers. They are not supposed to be a simply a cheering squad for school administrators.

  • Nuclear Mike

    The responsibility lays entirely with the Madison County School Officials…no doubt about that and a few $millions$ of compensation is just a start as more school employees should be terminated and investigated for civil right violations of this child for being criminally manipulated.
    Her rapist should be tried in court and deal with accordingly.

  • momaimee

    What’s infuriating about this story is the way the (then) principal and vice principal are passing the buck. This happened on their watch. Everything that happened in that school is on them. Period! What’s more, the rapist was a known predator in that school! I don’t mean to step off topic but there are a lot of people who cringe at the thought of their child ultimately attending Sparkman HS and the thugs who feed in from Sparkman middle are exactly the reason why!!

    • JLG

      just want to say the then principal is also the still now principal, and was almost the superintendent, thank goodness voters knew better, hopefully Massey will help straighten things out, but he’ll need a more accountable BoE to do so. They should all be unseated, IMO

  • Nuclear Mike

    The responsibility for this whole matter rest solely on the Madison County School Officials!!
    Shame, shame and more shame for having allowed this horrible rape on school property to have occurred as the direct result of the decisions made by school officials in using this girl as “bait”.
    The Madison County School officials have lawyered up and show little compassion for this girl’s condition.
    Yes, $millions$ will not compensate for the damage done to this girl and the fact the rapist has never seen justice.

  • Dawn Armstrong

    This is a sad situation and Ronnie Blair is why my daughter was pulled out of that school! It’s the fault of the admin. mostly! This boy should have been delt with long before it came to that!
    Convinced by June Simpson? It may have been her idea in an attempt to finally stop this boy but I have known June for 18 years and had the girl said no, that would have been it!
    June Simpson has one of the biggest Hearst I know! She is a kind caring woman and she was trying to help after the principal failed as he does SO much!
    June’s Atty is correct…she is being made a scapegoat !
    Dawn Armstrong

    • JLG

      I do not know Ms Simpson, clearly it was a really bad idea, However, since 1st becoming aware of this case, it is apparent to me that at least she wanted to do something to protect the targets of the troubled young man. Which is more than can be said for the admins.

  • Al

    This poor child was in special needs and she is a victim of the rape and the staff at the middle school does hold responsibility for the safety and protection of the victim.This case is a disgrace for the madison school system.

  • Char

    What is the legal definition of “sodomy” in Alabama? It can vary state-to-state and not be what we think happened. Anyone know?

  • Carl Duke

    As a TN teacher who did not receive tenure because the administration didn’t like my methods of teaching, I don’t find it strange that this should happen. No one questioned teachers that were having affairs withe the students both in Art and athletics at the High School, yet I was released by the directors well as the HS Principle and Asst. Principle for not liking my methods of teaching.

    • JLG

      That the aide was only monitoring one camera is not the same as there is only one camera. Not sure how their system is set up, but most allow the viewer to select a specific camera for full screen view, which then prevents viewing what any of the cameras are picking up.

  • Lotus

    Thirteen sexual and violent incidents by this boy in two years? He should have been expelled long before this rape happened.

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