Athens school administrators defend their response to stabbing incident

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ATHENS, Ala. (WHNT) -- City school superintendent Trey Holladay says he is proud of the way staff responded the stabbing incident inside the locker room at the Athens High School Field House Tuesday.

Holladay said the high school was not placed on lock down following the stabbing because they did not want to spread fear and hysteria among the other students who were not impacted.

Parents did not immediately receive any electronic alerts about the situation, and that is something Holladay says the school system is looking at fixing for the future.

"Whenever tragedy happens we defiantly want to make sure we evaluate our plan and evaluate the reaction to our plan and make sure we handled everything appropriate and anyway we can improve, we will improve," Holladay told WHNT Tuesday afternoon.

Wednesday all schools in the Athens system will operate on their regular schedules, but if parents wish to have personal time with their child instead, then the child's absence will be excused.

Read our blog of the events Tuesday afternoon.


  • Nuclear Mike

    …so when the violence is within the football team’s assigned area there is no threat to the school student body and the majority of the students on the school grounds???

  • Amber

    I am a mother of a senior at Athens High. I applaud the way administrators handled the situation. I am glad Mr. Holladay is looking into implementing a text alert for the parents as I was in a panic when I heard the news of a stabbing and no other details.

    • Don

      Yeah, Madison County’s text/voice alert systmen works really good, I have been impressed. All schools should invest in the system. I also think Athens administrators did a good job…

  • Big T

    Seems pretty simple. One student attacked another over a personal issue. They caught the kid that did the crime and that was it. It would be good for the school to let the parents know so rumors would be kept to a minimum but they did not need to disrupt the rest of the school over this. At Sparkman High they would have riots/fights in the middle of the school day and we, the parents, would not have known except for the smell of pepper spray on our kids clothes. We never did get a text/alert notice.

  • Redhead Momma

    The school did exactly what they should have! No reason to cause mass hysteria among the student body. The situation was quickly handled, and the offender apprehended. The alert system for parents will be helpful, but what would really be helpful is that if kids are going to text parent, then at least tell them they are okay and no need to rush the school to check Lil Johnny out when everything was under control.

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