Piedmont High School suspends public prayer at home football games

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Courtesy: AL.com

PIEDMONT, Ala. — Piedmont High School suspended public prayer at home football games in response to a letter from a Wisconsin-based organization, according to our news partners AL.com.

School officials said they received a letter in March from an attorney with the Freedom From Religion Foundation in Wisconsin. They said an unnamed resident of the Piedmont area reported the school violated the Constitution’s First Amendment by allowing public prayer over the public address system at home football games.

The school says the Freedom From Religion Foundation’s letter cited several cases in which courts struck down school-sponsored prayer at public school events.

The school released a statement on it’s Facebook page, in response to questions about the lack of prayer.

The school’s statement, in part says: “While the personal opinions of the administration and employees of the system may differ with the opinions of the Court and the author of the letter sent to the system, the school system’s attorneys advised that we consent since there is established case law regarding this issue.”

Read more on Piedmont High School’s suspension of public prayer at home football games, here.



  • #1 Mississippi State

    This is another example of utter stupidity in the public school system! I PRAY that no one will attend ANY more games at this Devil’s Domain! And we wonder why there are so many school killings in America. This is the reason! God WILL judge all these God Haters one day whether you believe or not. Hell is forever! there are NO second chances.

    • treedweller

      There have been more shootings in churches than schools. Perhaps god isn’t there, either. Regardless, my family does no believe in public prayers and we will not allow those who do to violate our 1 Amendment rights. Pray all you want, but the public schools must remain neutral on matters of faith.

    • John Walter (@JWFiske)

      You need to calm your southern-fried (EDIT) down, MS State. Do you realize how manically crazy you sound? You think God sends school killings because we don’t pray publicly at a FOOTBALL GAME? Really? I don’t think God gives a rat’s (EDIT) about a football game, to be frank with you. There are a lot more pressing places where prayer is needed that does not involve trampling on the Constitution’s separation of church and state.

  • Michael

    Another “unnamed resident.” Look, if you’re going to try to make a whole stadium of people cater to you, at least have the fortitude to give your name.

  • Tim

    I would call their bluff and tell them where to go !! and have prayer anyways. Instead of stopping they should have prayer before and after games now…..

    • treedweller

      You would rather waste scarce school funding on a losing lawsuit than just obey the law and pray amongst yourselves? How is that serving your students or your community? America is a nation where everyone can believe what they like without sacrificing their right to a fair, equal public education. If you want your kids to pray in public over the PA, send them to private school.

  • Ray

    Its that Atheist organization in Madison Wisconsin but the reason we see so many in North Alabama is because their largest chapter is in North Alabama.. The way to beat this group is like the City of Huntsville did with their prayer at the start of city council meetings. All you have to do is rotate people of different faiths and include atheists too. These people have been going all over North Alabama sending those lawyers letters to school systems and antagonizing people of faith. Maybe what should be done is to inform the muslim community about these atheists and where their headquarters are and how they are blaspheming God. So this would give the atheists another advesary to battle and maybe one that wouldnt take kindly to saying the things they say about God…I dare one of the FFR people to tell the muslim community that God or Allah is a puppet in the sky etc or their regular narratives they reserve for belittling Christians..

    • treedweller

      Public government meetings are not the same as public schools. Kids are required to attend and cannot be forced to adopt a faith contrary to their own beliefs. Therefore, the Supreme Court has clearly, repeatedly ruled that official prayers over the PA are not allowed, regardless of what the prayers say.

    • Michael

      I remember this same group tried to bully Arab the same way a couple of years back. I went to an Arab game this season and they had prayer anyways. My guess is Piedmont will eventually go back to it once this gutless wonder of a parent no longer has a kid there.

      • treedweller

        FFRF is a national organization with members all over. They help citizens who are tired of being bullied by Christians who think they should be allowed to turn public schools into churches. They are heroes, not bullies. Someday, when Christians are no longer the majority, you will realize they are working for you, as well.

      • Ray

        It didnt take long for a troll atheist to respond with a sky daddy comment. No one is trying to convert anyone with prayers at meetings or games. The purpose of them is asking for good sportmanship or a good civil meeting and that no one is injured etc. Somehow this offends trolls like you who like to sport fun at Christians who try to raise their kids with civility and good morals. However people like you are essentially bullies trying to rile people up and the FFR organization just tries to spread your Gospel of misery to everyone else so they can all be just like you a poor narcisstic individual whose only real purpose in life is to belittle others… However Christians will pray for your welfare regardless of how you treat them…

  • Forrest Erickson

    To paraphrase Ben Franklin,

    When a religion is good, I conceive it will support itself; and when it does not support itself, and God does not take care to support it so that its professors are obliged to call for help of the (c-i-v-i-l- p-o-w-e-r) high school foot ball team, ’tis a sign, I apprehend, of its being a bad one.

  • David Bennett

    Wow Ray, you really know how to stereotype atheists. We also try to raise our kids to be civil and have good morals, with outstanding results. We are happy, productive, and patriotic, as much as any other demographic if not more so. We just don’t look to religion or faith to tell us how to do the right thing or for some higher purpose. We simply ask you to keep your religion (any religion) out of government and public schools, otherwise pray away and best wishes.

  • Skillpot

    The move is in the right direction, just for the WRONG REASON. It would be best to get a handle on the Reality of Prayer, and, it ain’t gonna come from the Pulpit. What a shame.

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