Gubernatorial candidate Parker Griffith discusses his ideas for the governor’s seat

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(WHNT) — Incumbent Alabama Governor Robert Bentley seems to have his campaign in good shape while his opponent, Democratic challenger Parker Griffith trails in the polls. In this week’s leadership perspectives, Griffith says state voters need to consider a change at the state capitol. In his interview, he discusses the upcoming election and his ideas for the governor’s seat.

“We can’t afford to be the same old Alabama because we’re losing jobs. We’re having a brain drain,” Griffith said. “Many of our brightest kids, that are doing everything we ask them to do are taking jobs in Atlanta, or Nashville, or Philadelphia, Chicago, New York or whatever. We’ve got to change the way we think about Alabama.”

In 2006, Griffith was elected to represent North Alabama in the state senate. Then in 2008, he was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives. In Griffith’s campaign, he promises to bring jobs, create a state lottery and expand Medicaid.

We also interviewed incumbent Governor Robert Bentley for leadership perspectives. The governor’s race is not the only item on the November 4 ballot. We have resources to help you make an informed vote, including sample ballots, statewide amendments and legislative races.

Watch the four part interview with candidate Parker Griffith (D) here:

CLICK HERE to watch the interview with incumbent Governor Robert Bentley (R).






  • Christopher

    While Parker Griffith keeps calling Bentley a “failed” governor, he must consider the fact that he is a failed politician. If he was successful as a politician, he would not have to be an opportunist who keeps changing his party affiliation.

  • Tim

    Fake as they come, which way is the wind blowing politician.
    I agree that Alabama needs a lottery to fund the desperately underfunded public schools but I wouldn’t vote this guy in to get it…. Democrat today republican tomorrow …. That tells me he stands for nothing…….

  • bill

    This man is a BIG JOKE!!!! He couldn’t make it as a doctor. He couldn’t make it as a Republican. And it’s VERY apparent that he can’t make it as a Democrat. All that’s left is Independent. I think he should find some where under a bridge and hide. He also needs to go to a Tattoo Shop and have a big “L” (loser) Tattooed on his forehead.

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