Review board releases findings on Huntsville Public Safety Complex officer-involved shooting

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – A Huntsville Police incident review board released its findings Monday after examining evidence and hearing testimony related to the officer-involved shooting death of Reginald Owens.

Huntsville Police say 34-year-old Reginald Owens burst through the barricade of the secured lot located at 815 Wheeler Avenue on Oct. 7. They say he struck an on-duty police officer, who was sitting in his patrol unit. When police approached his vehicle to render aid after impact, Owens lunged at the police officer with a large fixed blade knife, attempting to harm the officer, according to the report. Two Huntsville Police officers fired at Owens, striking him. He later died from his injuries.

“After careful review of the evidence and testimony, the Board concluded that the Officer’s actions were in accordance with Departmental policies. Huntsville Police Chief Lewis Morris concurred with the findings of the Review Board and the Officers involved have been returned to full duty status,” the report read.


  • styles johnson

    Reminds me of the days when i played football at a leading university in the south. We were always introduced to a crowd that knew us already! The MC ate with us in the cafeteria, hanged out with us but always introduced us like he’d never known us. Same goes for this! Who is the Review Board? Go figure. R.I.P Mr. Owens. No need of trampling on the man’s grave.

    • LAC

      Serious question, do facts change if the person hearing them is a different race?
      I would ask about the introduction thing but I’m too confused.

  • styles johnson

    It’s the integrity of the hearing!!!…. what do you seriously expect if the department investigates itself?

    • LAC

      HPD actually has a pretty good record of that. Several officers have been fired, faced charges over wrongdoing. I understand though that people like you don’t want to believe that is true, yet I’m simple minded.

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