UPDATED: Ala. House Speaker Mike Hubbard goes on the offensive after his arrest

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MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WHNT) – Alabama House Speaker Mike Hubbard has come out swinging after being arrested on felony ethics charges.  He says he isn’t going to step down and he’ll continue with his re-election campaign.

Hubbard attended a candidate forum Monday night, hours after being released from the Lee County Jail.   He and supporters held a news conference Tuesday which was more like a campaign rally.  Read more coverage shortly.

Hubbard posted this video on his Facebook page Monday:

“Friends, if there was any doubt in anyone’s minds that this was a political witch hunt, I think it’s pretty clear right now. This has been going on for two years, dragging on and on, and here they come two weeks before an election and make these allegations,” Hubbard said. “The fact is, we’ve done some great things in this state and some powerful people don’t like it. Here in Lee County we’ve been very successful and created 3,000 new jobs and we have low unemployment. I tell you, I’m sleeping well tonight because I know the people of Lee County and this district are going to know this is politics at its worst.”

Hubbard’s arrest

Acting Attorney General W. Van Davis announced Speaker Hubbard’s Monday afternoon for felony ethics violations. Hubbard, 52, surrendered to special agents of the Attorney General’s Office at the Lee County Jail.

Hubbard was arrested as part of an ongoing investigation concerning potential public corruption in Alabama. He was indicted by a Lee County Special Grand Jury. Hubbard’s charges include:

-Four counts of using his office as Chairman of the Alabama Republican Party for personal gain
-One count of voting for legislation with a conflict of interest
-Eleven counts of soliciting or receiving a thing of value from a lobbyist or principal
-Two counts of using his office as a member of the Alabama House of Representatives for personal gain
-Four Counts of lobbying an executive department or agency for a fee
-One count of using state equipment, materials, etc. for private gain

Rep. Mike Hubbard's arrest photo (Lee County Jail)

Rep. Mike Hubbard’s arrest photo (Lee County Jail)

Read the indictment here.  If convicted, Speaker Hubbard faces two to 20 years in prison and up to $30,000 in fines for each count.

Hubbard bonded out of jail late Monday.  Hours later, he appeared at a candidate forum in Auburn, going up against his Democratic challenger Shirley-Scott Harris.  The topic of his arrest did not come up during the forum.

His attorney, Mark White, said he and his client are ready to put this behind them.

“We’re comfortable and confident that the speaker is going to be totally vindicated and frankly we are thrilled,” said White. “This is the first day, after two long years, that we can start to tell the true story about Mike Hubbard.”

The two had visited the Lee County Sheriff’s Office on Friday to prepare for a possible arrest, and provide paperwork so Hubbard could be released on bond as quickly as possible.

Others arrested in the ongoing investigation by the Attorney General’s office include State Rep. Barry Moore, a Republican from Enterprise, and former Rep. Greg Wren, who represented Montgomery and Elmore counties.  Wren resigned as part of a plea agreement.


  • Nuclear Mike

    Alabama’s political parties have given the citizens of this fair State a long line of corrupt officials from the city to county to State levels in a steady stream of unending law breakers!!!

    • Branko Pezdi

      It’s the same in every state, as well as the federal government. Politics attracts corrupt scumbags regardless of political affiliation. That is why the power of government must be curtailed and the nation needs to revert to the Constitution!!!

    • Chris Henderson

      The election may have something to do with it…but I doubt it. Hubbard and the Attorney General are both Republicans. In fact, Republicans control the entire state government so they would love for nothing better than to wait until after the election for this to come out. For there to be enough evidence to cause them to act right before the election is more of an indication of guilt than anything else. Remember 4 years ago how the Republicans waged an all out publicity campaign on ethics reform?…yeah right. Most people familiar with state government knew the Republicans were more self-serving than those they replaced. Hubbard in particular has been obnoxious to any who disagree with him. The arrest is no surprise considering he is egotistical enough to think he can do as he pleases and no one should question him. It is obvious why Alabama consistently ranks among the top most corrupt states in the nation.

  • mamac

    This is Pathetic how many more? No wonder the People of Alabama has had it with ALL the “elected ” Don Siegelman in prison Lowell Barron has had a run in with the law, State Representative Terry Spicer and there is another I cannot recall right now.. But one is one to many. I for one am fed up with all the lies that they tell to get in office all cause they say they are “helping” the people of Alabama..

  • Ray

    Ok, I read the indictment. It appears Mike Hubbard who is the Alabama Speaker of the House coincidentally owns “The Auburn Network” a marketing company(conglomerate) which has 2 radio stations, a digital production company, a media consultancy company, a quarterly magazine for a region in Alabama, and also owns stake in Craftmaster Printers.

    • Ray

      1. Allegedly had the Alabama Republican Party buy services from a company he had interest in ie Craftsmaster Printers

      2. Allegedly had Republican party pay money to Auburn Network which has stake in Craftsmaster printers.

      3. Use his position to get work for Craftsmaster Printers

      4. Tim Howe dba The Howe Group and or SRM Media and Advertizing LLC to do something with Auburn Network

      5. Voted on Senate Bill 143 of 2013 Reg Session that he had a conflict of interest with

      6. Got check from Pharmacy Cooperaive INC (APCI) to Mike Hubba dba Auburn Network. (From Lobbyist)

      7. Got check from Southeast Alabama Gas District (SEAGD) for Auburn Network

      8. Charge related to #7 from SEAGD for Auburn Network

      9. Charge related to #7 from SEAGD for Auburn Network

      10. Got check from Edgenuity INCS or E2020 to Auburn Network (LOBBYIST)

      11. Got check from Robert Abraams dba CV Holdings for Auburn Network

      12. Related to CV Holdings charge

      13. Related to CV Holdings charge

      14. Related to CV Holdings charge

      15. Hubbard solicited an investment into Craftmaster Printers from Dax Swatek (LOBBYIST)

      16. Got 150K investment in Craftsmaster Printers from lobbyist Will Brooke, Board Member of the Business Council of Alabama

      17. Got 150K investment in Craftsmaster Printers from lobbyist James Holbrook (Sterne Agee Group INC

      18. Got 150K investment in Craftsmaster Printers from lobbyist Jimmy Rane, President of Great Southern Wood

      19. Got 150K investment in Craftsmaster Printers from lobbyist Robert Burton, President of Hoar Construction

      20. Got new clients for Auburn Network from lobbyist Bob Riley

      21. solicited consulting assistance for Auburn Network from Minda Riley Cambell

      22. received assistance for new clients from Billy Canary, President and CEO of the Business Council of Alabama

      23. received assistance for obtaining clients from lobbyist Will Brooke, Board Member of the Business Council of Alabama .

    • Ray

      This could be pretty complicated..The guy owns a media company. Looking at each of the charges saying these people were lobbyist could of easily solicted business anyway from his company regardless of his position as Republican party Chairman. The people who invested in Craftsmaster Printing could be close friends.I guess we will have to wait it out to see how it is tried. I would hope that it is really corruption since he is going thru it instead of something policially motivated. If you own a business people could infer all kinds of things if you were a politician. I dont know the guy but I hope this is not a politically motivated witchunt…

  • LAC

    Decades ago regular people were elected to office did their time and went back to a regular life, now nearly all of them especially the federal government but state as well leave a millionaires.
    This seems like a complicated case, but hope he pays a good price if its true. I dont think it will effect elections at all, most people probably don’t even know who he is.

    • bill

      Every state and federal political office should have TERM limits. Limit the terms to two terms with a break in between. IF the individual is as good as they will claim….they can run again after one term period break. No more lifetime 100% retirement benefits. The only problem with this idea is that there’s NOT one politician that will present this for a vote.

  • Tray

    Not unexpected. I see far too often that these criminals, umm, politicians arrive with criminal baggage in their background, yet Alabamians look the other way and still elect the crooks! Keep doing the same old stupid thing, Alabama Voters, and you will keep getting the same old crooked politicians!

    • LAC

      Its not just Alabama it happens everywhere. Its all about money to the district and the “he may be an idiot, but he is our idiot” mentality.

  • Nuclear Mike

    Don Siegelman & Mike Hubbard are the two sides of the same political card…no difference in either criminal ego as Hubbard will soon join Siegelman in the Federal Lockup!!!

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