Halloween light and sound show “Terror on Deaton Drive” gives thrills while raising awareness of organ donation

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - There's a house in South Huntsville dressed up for Halloween, with a most unique light and sound display.

The creator has been working on it since May, hoping to give people a thrill during the holiday.  And he was thrilled to just be able to do it.

During the day, the house at 16008 Deaton Drive looks like any other -- nicely decorated for Halloween.

But when the sun goes down, the house becomes Terror on Deaton Drive.

Some 3,000 lights come to life, dancing to music.

"I think it's awesome," said Sara Boyer, the daughter of the creator.  "It's probably the best thing my Dad's ever done with the house."

She helped her dad put the display up outside, after he did months of work inside on his computer programming it all.

"I just thought it would be something neat to do for Halloween," said Bob Boyer, the creator of the display.  "Something to give people a laugh as out they're driving around."

This is the first Halloween show he's done.

He says he does a Christmas show each year and plays the part of Santa Claus.

But this has been even more fun.

"I love it so much," said Sara Boyer.  "I think it's so cool."

While this it's all fun and scary, Bob Boyer is actually using it to make a very serious point about organ donation.  That's because he's a heart transplant recipient.

"This is what organ donation does," said Bob Boyer.  "It gives somebody a second chance at life, which is three years for me that I've been having somebody else's heart in me and I love having all the energy to be able to do stuff like this."

He says there's no charge to enjoy his light show.

He says thrill-seekers can just pull up in their vehicles, turn off the headlights -- don't block the neighbors driveway -- tune the radio to 95.7 FM and watch.

Boyer hopes maybe they'll consider making a donation to the Alabama Organ Center so someone else could get a second chance at the thrill of life.

The house is located at 16008 Deaton Drive, a block off Bailey Cove Road.  You can see the show every Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights.  Then it will play every night during the week leading up to Halloween.

Boyer says it's a 30 minute show, which he'll be changing around between now and Halloween.

Then, he'll take it down and start working on his Christmas show.

Check out video clips from the light show at Boyer's Facebook page.


  • mB

    We came by the terror house on Deaton just before 9pm tonight (Mon 10/27), tuned in to 95.7, and the house was all dark!! 8( A bit disappointing w no show as we drove all the way out from Madison just to see this. Booo! It’s

    • Beth Jett

      Hey there.. Not sure what happened.. If u want to try it again, measage the creator, Bob Boyer, over Facebook and I’m sure he could explain what happened. Also, check out Hillwood Manor while ur out. It’s about a mile away on Chicamauga Trail. See our story on whnt.com! Let me know if u have any more problems.. Sorry about the inconvenience! Regards, Beth Jett, WHNT

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