UPDATE: Sheriff’s office identifies person of interest in threatening graffiti found at Madison County High School

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GURLEY, Ala. (WHNT) - The Madison County Sheriff's Office is investigating threatening graffiti found in a boys' restroom at Madison County High School.

On Thursday, officials announced investigators identified a person of interest regarding the threat. A statement from the school district said procedures are being followed based on the law and Madison County School Board policies.

District officials said additional law enforcement officials and school system personnel will be on site on halloween.

Students found the graffiti on earlier this month and reported it.  Superintendent David Copeland said the school will have extra law enforcement and staff supervision at the school to increase safety while deputies work on the investigation.

Dr. Copeland says the wording of the threat points to Friday, October 31, Halloween.  Deputies are working to determine the validity, and they may have their work cut out for them.

"It's come from what the graffiti or the threat actually was, and it's turned into 'he said, she said.' It's turned into more things than what actually was written," said Madison County High School Principal Jeremy F. Lowry.

Whether or not the threat turns out to be credible, Dr. Copeland said all incidents like this are taken seriously.

"Our job is to keep our students and staff safe," Dr. Copeland said.

He said more deputies will be at the school, and faculty will also maintain heightened supervision.

If you have any information that could help crack this case, please call the Madison County Sheriff's Office at (256) 722-7181.

The person responsible could be charged with making a terrorist threat.  This charge carries a 1 to 10 year prison sentence with a conviction.


  • mamac

    Do they not have a brain ? If they was going to do something I sure wouldn’t go around putting it on the walls advertising it.. Kids are getting way way out of hand. Parents of the kid needs to step up when they find who did this and get there child children under control..

  • Michael

    “If you have any information that could help crack this case, please call the Madison County Sheriff’s Office at (256) 722-7181.”

    It’d help if it was said what the graffiti actually said. I’m still curious since people tend to overreact these days.

  • mamac

    When you have to have law enforcement officials at schools. People there is a BIG PROBLEM..These are children / kids at school. We are the adults and adults has authority over our kids. What has happen to that. I remember when myself and my siblings where in school we was scared to death to get in any kind of trouble at school. Cause we knew we would get a paddling and then when we got home we was going to get it again from mama and daddy.. So, we DIDN’T get in trouble. But now kids are like who cares about a paddling I think today kids thinks a paddling is like a love tab or it makes them mad and they want Vengeance …Our world is in bad shape when cops has to take authority for our kids…

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