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Colbert County first responders prepare for “unlikely” Ebola cases

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COLBERT COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) - More than 50 people piled into a classroom at Northwest Shoals Community College Monday.

They represented first responders from all over Colbert County and beyond.

They were there to separate precaution from paranoia and fact from fiction when it comes to Ebola.

"Basically to stop any fear mongering or rumors that have been spread," said Alabama Department of Public Health emergency preparedness coordinator Elizabeth Foster. "Currently there are no cases in Alabama of confirmed Ebola."

The Ebola preparedness class was voluntary. Foster said it was specifically geared to first responders.

"They are the first ones on the scene so what they can kind of be prepared for. If they were to come up on a suspected Ebola patient you know what to look for, how to protect themselves with the proper personal protective equipment (PPE)," Foster said.

From the use of PPE to patient assesment on the scene, the class focused on responder safety and protocol.

The class also taught dispatchers how to properly screen callers for risk factors of Ebola.

"Does the patient exhibiting any symptoms and have they traveled in the last three weeks to the affected countries in west Africa," said Foster.

ADPH also reiterated that the likelihood these responders will come into contact with Ebola is extremely low.

ADPH will be offering the Ebola preparedness class to Colbert County health care officials this Wednesday at 2:00 pm at the Colbert County Health Department.

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