Forensic tests found Michael Brown’s blood on Officer Darren Wilson’s car

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A family-requested autopsy shows 18-year-old Michael Brown was shot six times. (Image provided by: MGN Online)

(CNN) — Forensic tests have found the blood of Michael Brown on the gun, uniform and police cruiser belonging to Officer Darren Wilson, who fatally shot the unarmed teen two months ago, The New York Times reported.

The teen’s death on August 9 in Ferguson, Missouri, prompted weeks of racially charged protests that were at times marred by violence in the St. Louis suburb. Wilson is white; Brown was black.

Wilson has stayed out of the spotlight since the incident, and until now, few details have emerged publicly about his side of the story.

Wilson told investigators he was trying to leave his car when Brown shoved him back in, The Times reported Friday night.

Once in, Brown pinned him in his car and tried to get his gun, which made him fear for his safety, the newspaper reported, citing unnamed government officials familiar with the federal civil rights case.

The officer told authorities that Brown hit him and scratched him repeatedly, leaving bruises on his face and neck, according to The Times.

Gun fired twice in car

FBI forensic tests showed the gun was fired twice in the car, with one bullet hitting Brown’s arm while the second one missed, the newspaper said.

His account did not include an explanation on why he shot at Brown even after they got out of the car, according to The Times. A preliminary autopsy showed the teen was shot at least six times, including twice in the head.

Separate federal and local investigations are still ongoing, but the government officials said the evidence so far does not indicate that the officer violated any civil rights, The Times reported.

CNN cannot confirm the details of The Times’ report.

A grand jury is considering whether Wilson should be tried on other charges.

What happened in the car mostly a mystery

Most of the accounts of Brown’s shooting have focused on what happened outside the car — on the street — with conflicting narratives between both sides.

Dorian Johnson, 22, who was walking with Brown on the street when the shooting occurred, told CNN that the officer pulled up and told them to get on the sidewalk. They told him they were almost home, and would be off the street shortly.

The officer drove forward, but stopped and backed up, almost hitting the pair, Johnson said.

“We were so close, almost inches away, that when he tried to open his door aggressively, the door ricocheted both off me and Big Mike’s body and closed back on the officer,” he said.

Witnesses’ version a stark contrast

Still in his car, the officer grabbed Brown by his neck, but he tried to pull away as the officer pulled him toward him, Johnson said.

The officer drew his weapon and fired, hitting Brown, Johnson said. A bloodied Brown took off running, but the officer followed him and fired, according to Johnson.

Brown turned around with his hands up and told the officer he was unarmed, but the officer fired and the teen hit the ground, Johnson said.

Another witness, Tiffany Mitchell, has said she saw Wilson and Brown “tussling through the window” of the police cruiser.


  • Alina Zhibek

    I find it interesting that those that supposedly fight for ‘civil rights’ are very willing to see Officer Wilson denied his for mob justice. The cries for ‘justice’ are rhetorical malarkey. All that is wanted is vengeance no matter what happened on the street that day. Have we become so frightened of possible rioting and more shouts from the big mouths of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson the we are willing to turn our justice system into nothing more than a mollifier for two low life race bating profiteers?

    I thought Obama was supposed to bring our country together? I’ve never seen a country more divided. We all hate each other now.

    Under Obama, 76% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck and have no hopes for raises anytime in this Obama administration. They also just had their health insurance cancelled and are forced to sign up for a more expensive policy with higher deductibles and co-pays. They are also living in a country where racial relations are as tense as ever (see Ferguson, MO).

    I was laid off in 2010 shortly after the start of the recession. I’m highly skilled in my field, yet have been bouncing around from job to job all making starting salary numbers, despite being 36 years old. Paying my mortgage is a struggle. Paying my health insurance is worse ($375/month from Freelancer’s Union). My car insurance is cheap at $25/month (from Insurance Panda), but who knows when Obama will step in and socialize that too! My daughter is forced to attend a public school that is in increasingly worse condition thanks to illegal children and welfare leeches moving in. Yet here I am, unable to afford a quality education for her.

    The middle class is shrinking in Obama-America because Obama is taxing them to oblivion and not giving them any hand-me-outs. To be middle class in today’s America is to be poor.

    • LAC

      Great Post and I pray that things work out for you. The usually do for hardworking people willing to work through adversity.
      In this story it is sad that the young man lost his life, but the facts continue to chip away at the story line of those in protest. Unfortunately for the majority of those, the facts do not matter at all. Thank God are founding fathers established a republic instead of a democracy.

    • John

      The reason the middle class has become more constricted and the gap between the very rich and very poor is greater is because of Republican policies, my friend. Blaming Obama shows you lack a great deal of knowledge about what’s been going on legislatively in this country for the past 15 years or so.

  • Bob

    Case closed. The officer was telling the truth and was in fear of his life with this thug trying to take his gun and beating. I don’t care about the protesters because they are low informed idiots.

    • LAC

      While I agree with you in theory, you cant simply ignore the protesters. You have to make an effort to bring all parties to a peaceful conclusion. Ignoring them will only incite more violence. It will also create another barrier between the black community and law enforcement. The peaceful protesters, those that actual care about the situation and are not just looking for an excuse to loot, deserve to have their voices heard, they deserve dialogue and answers to questions. Most of them are sensible enough to understand the truth and may be able to effect others. Remember, those shown all over tv looting and breaking the law are never the whole story. The majority are there exercising their rights and demanding answers from their government. Television is going to show what brings rating and that is the violence and looting.

  • Michael

    So if you’re in fear for your life the obvious thing to do is get out of the car after you shot the guy and shoot him at least 5 more times, right? Oh, and then not file an incident report afterwards.

      • John

        No, no. Some of the evidence I know of reveals that Mr. Brown continued to walk back towards the police officer as the officer repeatedly told him to put his hands up and drop to his knees. The young man kept moving quickly toward the officer. This is the way you get SHOT, white or black!

    • CH

      File an incident report. This is from your long time as an officer with the Ferguson, Missouri PD and your knowledge of their policy and procedure. We don’t even need facts with people like you.

    • LAC

      Subdue him non lethally? Please explain your vast experience with this and tell the officer in a life threatening situation with a broken eye socket how he should have done something.
      Please explain the life threatening situation you have been and how you masterfully handled them?
      You people that thank a normal police officer ever want to kill someone are idiots. Taking a life is something I hope you never experience and live with the rest of your life, it doesn’t matter if the officer was 100 % justified nor does it matter what type of person the victim was.
      But thank God for freedom of speech were idiots can tell everyone else what they should have done, surely Steve Jobs could have done better at building Apple had he consulted you first?

      • Michael

        Holy mother of Lannister where do I begin? Did I say Wilson wanted to kill someone? Point that out to me where I did.

        Cannot claim you’re in fear for your life after you’ve already shot the guy once and space has been created.

        The rest of your post was senseless drivel not worth addressing.

  • Nuclear Mike

    Indeed, the Black Community of Ferguson would prefer a “mob lynching” for Officer Wilson as their form of justice…and thus, nothing has really changed.

  • Branko Pezdi

    The “witness” in this CNN/WHNT story is one of the suspects. Nice unbiased reporting as usual from a liberal source. [roll eyes]

  • #1 Mississippi State

    They forgot to mention, His Soul Is In Hell!! That’s where ALL Thug/Criminals go when they Die! Justice was served!!

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