Intruder found with hatchet inside school ‘wanted to do something for all the children’

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VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — “I wanted to do something for all the children that have ever been sold into sex slavery and get out on a stage with a motherf***ing ax and a f***ing toothpick of a f***ing knife, my katana, and just lay everything down,” Kirk Cowart told in a rambling jailhouse interview hours after police arrested him for sneaking into a Virginia Beach high school with a hatchet.

Workers at Salem High School discovered Cowart on the auditorium stage. Police said he likely entered the school while the cafeteria was accepting an early-morning delivery on Thursday.

Cowart’s father told WTKR his son suffers from mental illness and lives in his own imaginary world.

“When I walked out, there is a dirty little secret, and it’s a dirty little name and it’s a dirty little trick, that goes ’round here, that I, myself, come to you in bondage. What did you think the Commonwealth of Virginia’s main stock and trade was? Tobacky? That comes from North Cackalacky. But from VIRGIN-ia. We breed virgins to be bought and sold,” he said. “I actually left my house because when I left, I was waiting, I was talking to the Lord, and I heard a gun battle and I heard screams and people dying, but I did not hear the sickening sounds because I knew there were the bad ones who died. ”

During the interview, Cowart talked about weapons, old girlfriends and the 14 months he spent at Camp Lejeune in the Marine Corps.

The school’s principal sent a message to parents about the situation.

“At approximately 5:45 a.m., a young male, who is not a student, entered the building as the Cafeteria Staff was receiving a supply order. Safe Schools and Police were immediately notified and the person was taken into custody a short time after without incident,” the message from Salem High School principal Daniel Keever said. “As there was significant police presence involved this morning, I wanted you to assure you that your student is safe and we are working under normal operating conditions. Police are now investigating this incident.”

Police charged Cowart with Trespassing on School Property, Possession of a Weapon on School Property, and Disorderly Conduct.


  • Nuclear Mike

    Our Society ignores those among us who are truly mentally ill and this possible tragedy was luckily avoided…

    • rhemajoy

      I have a relative who is mentally ill and needs help but nobody will admit him. His family lives in fear every single day. He is a pedophile, completely irrational and violent. He attacked his father and his grandmother with a two by four with no provocation. His father had him arrested in hopes to get him admitted in some type of facility. Four hours later he was released.

      • Jeanne

        Agreed, impossible to commit the mentally ill for any length of time. My stepmother had a son who was also mentally ill, he would act out, they would call the police and they would take him to a facility. The doctors there would give him medications and after a few weeks turn him loose again. Back at home he would not take the meds, said they were poison so as a result would go off the deep end again. Since these patients are. Considered adults So the law treats then as.Such and will not hold them against their will. Evenn if
        They are sick

  • Jeanne

    No one will do anything till this man actually kills someone in the middle of one of his delusions. Then people will wring their hands and say why didn’t someone help him? W h y wasn’t he in an institution where he clearly belonged? Yet in today’s society it’s nearly impossible to commit somebody . Perhaps if they turn themselves in but of course they don’t. Just a few years ago a congressman …a,CONGRESSMAN! …tried to get help for his son, as turned away and tragically ended up shooting his father and killing himself. Hard as it is to say the only way some of these mentally ill souls have to get some peace is suicide. If only they don’t take others with them. The system stinks!

  • Jeff

    I’m glad that the outcome of this story was a positive one. I also hope this person gets the professional help that they need.

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