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Woman arrested again after bonding out last month for wreck that killed 8-year-old boy

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - A woman arrested and charged with vehicular homicide just last month for a wreck that killed an 8-year-old boy is back in jail.  Latonya Denise Haley, 31, was arrested again Thursday morning.

A patrol officer pulled her over on Pulaski Pike just after midnight.

"The driver was asked to submit to a field sobriety test, which she refused, and the driver was arrested," said Lt. Jeffrey Rice, the special operations commander for Huntsville Police.

"She got the maximum bonds on each of her cases," explains Madison County assistant district attorney Shauna Barnett. "So if she can make bond, she's free until she does something else that brings her to our attention."

Something else -- like getting a new DUI. The Madison County District Attorney's Office is filing a motion to keep Haley from bonding out again after she violated the terms of her initial bond.

"Especially when someone is doing the same behavior that led to the death of a child, we're definitely going to take that to the next level whenever we can," said Barnett.

Haley's driving record reveals she did not have a valid driver's license when she was stopped Wednesday night -- or at the time of the fatal accident in September.

"It's our goal that she not be out on the street at all, with no opportunity to hurt anybody else," said Barnett.

Haley is accused of hitting three children at Highway 72 East and North Park Drive the night of September 14. Huntsville Police say the children were walking along the side of Highway 72 with an adult when Haley veered off the road in her SUV and hit them. Haley left the scene, police say.

They arrested her the next day. She posted $60,000 bond two days later and was released.

The boy, 8-year-old Weixi Zhang, died. He was a 3rd grader at the Academy for Science and Foreign Language. His family runs Meteor Buffet on North Memorial Parkway.

Zhang's sisters, ages 10 and 13, were critically hurt. The adult with them was not injured.

"We understand the outrage," said Barnett. "We're outraged as well. That's why this morning, as soon as we found out what was going on, the mechanism started working."

Haley's new charges include DUI, speeding, driving without a license and failure to have registration and insurance. She was booked in the Madison County Metro Jail at 1:03 a.m.

Latonya Haley has other past arrests on her record as well.


  • Peter

    Are you kidding me… this lady is clearly someone who belongs under the jail. What a waste.
    Lets see how much her bond is now.

    • Say What

      No, she needs to be in a treatment program. It is attitudes like those expressed in this forum that creates the underfunding of addiction treatment and mental health that cause events like this one! Being in the Bible belt, it is always good to see the high level of Christian care and compassion towards people like Ms. Haley — not!

      • LAC

        Or it could be that our criminal justice system is a joke and no one fears a real punishment, because their rarely is one. Raising children is much the same. Discipline must be certain to be effect. If you continue to warn your children they are going to get in trouble, they will continue the same actions, because their is no true consequence. You can also use welfare as an example…. Why work when my free check comes every month and its considered mean to take it away.

      • momaimee

        Are you serious?! She didn’t get drunk at her house, fall down in the yard and do no harm to anyone but her addict self. She CHOSE to put her sorry butt behind the wheel of an SUV drunk and CHOSE to keep on driving after she ran over and killed a BABY! Then she drove drunk again on bond! Are you actually saying that if she had killed YOUR child you would have the same “Oh,poor thing needs treatment” reaction? You really need to THINK before your POST.

      • Ted

        No, Heley need to be made an example of by revoking her right to life! She took one so she owes one!!! treatment was already tried in her case, can’t fix stupidity or any lack of remorse.hell she probably killed off a dozen or more of her own with abortions!!!

      • ISeeDumbPeople

        You Say What are what has help contribute to the decline of morals and values in our society. Hell with you, your moral compass is broken, and basically you ARE wrong for not holding people accountable for thier decisions and the great loss and effect it has had on innocent citizens by this scumbag’s decisions.

  • Jerry Bob

    Wait a minute. . . She left the scene of a fatal accident and the judge let her go on $60,000 bail???? WTF? Left the scene of an accident where she killed a kid and the judge didn’t see that as a flight risk? Wow. I should definitely make a bid for district court judge. Pretty sure I could do a little better than this.

  • Bob

    What a freaking scumbag. God almighty, this woman has no remorse or common sense. She should just stay behind bars for the rest of her worthless life.

  • Wes

    The only way to keep her from killing again is to lock her up forever! She has lost her right to live among civilized society.

  • Kris Smith

    Please throw away the key!!! This is the lowest form of a human being I’ve ever seen. She drives drunk, kills a child, leaves the scene of an accident, and has the nerve to drive drunk again. Since, she has no respect or regard for the law, would somebody pretty, pretty, please revoke her bond asap!

  • DEA

    Bob & Lac are correct! Time to revoke her bond. This Criminal is a clear and present danger to society! She belongs in Tutwiler Prison!!

  • Juan Contreras

    It is terrible that this idiot has killed this child and injured the others. . . We should feel the same way about those who are being murdered at the new abortion clinic in Huntsville. Murder is murder!

    >> This woman should rot in jail.

  • momaimee

    This woman has no regard for the law or for other people. She killed a child and will kill more if left to continue driving. At what point will a judge keep this woman behind bars and away from the public? This story is absolutely shameful! WHNT please publish the name of any judge who gives bond to this human piece if trash.

    • LAC

      I would be curious to know if the court that allowed bail or the bail bondsman could be liable if she killed or injured someone else during a dui related incident?

  • kld

    I think it’s pretty clear why she left the scene, and her new arrest should ensure that she gets the maximum penalty. This prosecutor should be anticipating a slam dunk.

    • Ted

      WHY did the prosecutor even offer bond in the first place? previous DUI’s and other arrests on her record, CLEARLY driving w/o a license? HEY DA and JUDGE, is that not enough to keep her locked up?

  • No Remorse

    Well, there ya go. This explains why she left the scene. Shouldn’t had a bond the first time! No remorse at all. Now keep her locked up so she won’t hurt other people while she is drinking and driving! Just DUM!!!

  • RRS

    The thing that really unsets me is that by the time this “low life” gets what is coming to her most of us will have died from old age. The justice system in this country moves slower than a snail. Even IF she is convicted, by the time all of the appeals are made she will have lived another 20 years or more and the little child she killed will have never had the same opportunity to have grown up. I am surprised the ACLU and other such organizations have not already come to her defense and claimed she is being unjustly discriminated against. Even if this woman is addicted to drinking, don’t forget she still killed a little child and must pay for her actions. Also don’t forget, if this woman had done this in one of those “Middle Eastern” countries, changes are she would have already been sentenced to death. and the sentence would have already been carried out.

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