Huntsville abortion clinic reopens after securing approval from health officials

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) -- Pro choice advocates are calling the news a major victory; North Alabama has a licensed abortion provider, again.

Nearly four months ago the Alabama Women's Center for Reproductive Alternatives  closed its downtown Huntsville clinic, but they re-opened Monday at 4831 Sparkman Drive.

The Department of Public Health granted clinic owner Dalton Johnson a new license Friday.

Clinic owner Dalton Johnson told our news partners at The Huntsville Times and Wednesday  he is "extremely relieved" to be back in business after having to vacate the former clinic on Madison Street, which could not be retrofitted to comply with the Alabama Women's Health and Safety Act of 2013.

"A lot of obstacles were coming in front of us, but we just kept moving forward," Johnson said.

Clinic supporters told WHNT News 19 Wednesday evening this is not the end to their fight to keep the doors open at north Alabama's only abortion clinic.

"We are very pleased by the doors opening back up for now, but we know this fight is far from over," Josie Poland, Huntsville director of Alabama Reproductive Rights Advocates says.

A group of anti-abortion activists led by Rev. James Henderson sued the City of Huntsville last month in an effort to prevent Alabama Women's Center from re-opening.  Those anti-abortion activists say they will continue to fight and protest the clinic.

( Huntsville Times Contributed to this report)


    • Adam

      Woman’s choice= I’m too lazy to take responsibility to accept the consequences of my actions and kill an innocent baby to convenience my lifestyle. All about me me me! The liberals just needed a movement in the 60’s to get women involved in politics and now they have perversed killing a baby into a womans right issue. It burdens me at night to know that there are people out there like Nutjob Mike who think its OK to kill an innocent baby.

    • LAC

      I saw the advocate lady on the news last night and she was SO happy. Happy…awesome…no we can go back to killing children, never giving them a chance at life and giving women who CHOSE to get pregnant the option of having no consequence for their action. That will teach them.

  • Leigh, RN

    The womb was never meant to be a tomb. Abortion takes the life of an innocent child. That is not a “choice”- that is homicide. God says He hates the shed of innocent blood. This is a sad day for Huntsville. God is Pro-LIFE not Pro- Death. Satan comes to steal, KILL, and destroy and God came to give LIFE and give it more abundantly. Unfortunately the death mill is open again in Huntsville and they will shed innocent blood again. Tragic and sick when people try and justify the killing of innocent children. So very, very sad.

    • LAC

      Dont want to be married..get a divorce. Dont want a child …get an abortion. Dont want to work…get on welfare…. Dont want insurance… Get Obamacare…dont want to spend your own money to buy food… Get some food stamps…. Dont want to pay off your student loans…the government will handle that….dont want to pay a mortgage… Here is a free place to live….to fat to work….we will call that a disability… And we wonder what is wrong with this country.

  • Speak The Word

    Abortion is MURDER In The Supreme Court Of Heaven! All who participate WILL be thrown into the fires of Hell! God will NOT be Mocked! ALL Murderers will have their part in the Lake of Fire! Only a FOOL doesn’t believe The Word Of God. I see several FOOLS posting their stupidity! You don’t break God’s Law, He breaks you!

    • Don

      Then don’t have an abortion. You can’t spend your life worrying about what choices other people make- you can only worry about yours.

  • DEA

    Don, You are obviously LOST and on your way to the fires of Hell. Everyone: Please have your “Liberal” spayed/neutered. Lib Murderers are absolutely useless! Mental Midgets indeed!

    • John

      Let me guess… you are a Christian… and name calling is how you witness to people. No wonder you people get a bad name.

      • LAC

        So you took a guess… Then deemed facts from at guess? And group all Christians in that same light from something you guessed? Allow me to do the same and see if its true… So your a liberal…so you voted for Obama… And you still.believe he is a good president… And you believe everything is someone else’s fault and no one should ever be held accountable.

      • John

        Lac- I absolutely did NOT vote for Obummer, the worst President in US history. And, I am a Conservative Republican, however I do not think people coming on a forum and spouting their religios beliefs in such a demeaning manner is a way to convince ANYONE not to abort.
        However, I do have a religious spin for you: This is a fallen society, we all fell when Adam and Eve sinned against God. God knows sin happens everyday..and he gives us free choice. So naturally- we are going to have sin in a fallen creation.
        I do not necessarily think abortion is right, however, I know I cannot control the beliefs and actions of everyone else.

      • LAC

        Well then I stand correct. Just figured I would judge you the same as people that generally make comments in line with yours.

  • styles B.Johnson

    Choice! choice and choice. So brother pregnants sister. whats wrong with the abortion option? you know, its case by case basis. Also, people don’t get on welfare because they don’t want to work. I know people who work, are on food stamps and on section 8. Its all good. And its an open market place for insurance, including Obamacare. Don’t get it, if you don’t want it. its that simple. We don’t need ideologues on here. we want real people who live real lives.

    • LAC

      So your answer for millions of people living on other peoples money with absolutely no incentive to change their lifestyle is…its all good? Awesome, maybe when your done with your happy hour at end zone you can go pick up the chic that was arrested for dui last night. The jail is close by and you two seem the perfect fit for each other. Dont worry if you two chose to get pregnant you can just have an abortion…would hate for being an adult to infringe on your happy hour.

  • styles B.Johnson

    Look here Juan, there is a big difference between abortion and prostitution from any perspective you base it. ..Happy hour calls. Will explain that to you later.

  • styles johnson

    LAC, you are too simple minded to understand thesocio-economic-political logic of welfare in a very capitalist country like America.

    • LAC

      You are correct… I am too simple minded to understand that I am responsible for my choices and that those choices have consequences. To simple minded to understand that I am responsible for my family and their welfare(not the government issued welfare) and their well being. I am responsible for what I have in life and the position im in. To simple minded to understand that I shouldn’t demand my government(commonly known as taxpayers) provide my every need. To simple minded to see that I should be free to give to any charity I see fit and not be forced to give money by a government that wants to play Santa Claus. Yeah, I would say im proud to be simple minded. Liberals like to use big words and overcomplicate problems so they can say those that use common sense to see through their bs are simpleminded.

  • speak the word

    Hey John, Jesus was not tolerant of those who trampled on The Word Of God. I doubt you know anything about the Bible, So i will try to enlighten you. Jesus made a whip of Cords and drove the thieves out of the temple. You don’t break God’s Laws, God’s Laws break you! You must turn OR Burn! Repent while there is still time. ALL Murderers will have their part in the Lake Of Fire whether YOU Believe it or not! Amen!!!!!!!!

  • gigi

    I will never understand you republicans. You hate the poor, the environment, minorities, intelligent people and women who make their own choices and the list goes on. You don’t believe in birth control, but once a child is born you hate them if they are born to poor families, at least until you can send them to wars (started by lies) to die. If you don’t want an abortion don’t get one. If you don’t believe in birth control, don’t use it but keep your nose out of everyone else’s business.

    • LAC

      Gigi, unfortunately you will never understand Republican because of you prejudice. Just because someone doesn’t share the same opinions as you doesn’t or support the same causes you do doesn’t mean they hate everything. The fact is Republicans (specifically conservative) are amount the most charitable groups in the world. However as I always say, I would rather give 100 dollars to a cause I like, instead of being forced by my government to give a single dollar to something I dont agree with. In respect to you saying hating minorities- how are all those government programs to help minorities advocated for mainly by democrats working out? As for abortion, if you don’t want a child dont get pregnant. Do you think abortion numbers would go down if the child had a say in decision? Hopefully, opinions toward Republicans will change in the future, because they in large part are the ones that fund these massive government hand outs that support the living of those that demonize them.

  • styles johnson

    LAC, i seriously think that you lack what they call critical thinking. But you are a cop. I don’t expect you to think any better than your job description ….u know, by the book. Out here, wee have folk that are less fortunate than you, who even through their own fault of circumstances demand somebody else’s attention including the govt!!…..if its not happened to you, just wait for your turn….its coming

  • True American

    Satan is laughing at all the gullible women who kill their own baby.

    “Thou shalt not kill.” —Exodus 20:13

    Psalms 36:1, “The transgression of the wicked saith within my heart, that there is no fear of God before his eyes.”

  • True American

    If God could hear the voice of Abel’s blood crying out to Him from the ground (Genesis 4:10), do you suppose God has missed the cries of those 50,000,000 infants who’ve been butchered in America since 1973?

  • True American

    It is just plain evil to murder a child. Whether a child is born or unborn, it is still a growing child. Only God can give life and only God should take life. It is not for us to decide who lives or dies. The truth is that we are an utterly irresponsible nation which refuses to exercise personal discipline and responsibility. 98% of all unwanted pregnancies are the result of sexual promiscuity without any regards for the consequences of such irresponsible actions. The government is indirectly to blame for this evil in America. The direct responsibility for this evil rests upon the head of each and every mother who CHOOSES for her child to be murdered. Yes, it is pro-choice, and it is cold-blooded murder. Every doctor, every nurse, every judge, every politician, every law enforcement official, and every company involved with abortion will stand guilty before God as an accomplice to first degree murder! Amen!!!

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