Huntsville engineer hopes Stoptix automatic brake lamp can revolutionize motorcycle safety

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) -  It was one too many close calls that got Huntsville engineer Jeff Hammock thinking, "What could revolutionize motorcycle safety?"

Unlike driving a car, motorcycle riders rarely press the brake to slow down. So, their brake light gives no indication to the drivers around them when they suddenly reduce their speed. Hammock wanted a brake light that served riders better.

"You downshift, you let the motor do it, it`s very natural, very effective, and it sounds great but it`s dangerous, so we`re trying to take the dangerous part out of it so you don`t have to change your riding style," said Hammock.

Over the past 18 months, Hammock and his team at MechOptix developing a prototype of an automatic brake lamp, Stoptix, and launched a crowdfunding campaign to get it on the market.

Unlike standard brake lights, it lights up up any time there is a significant reduction in speed, can run for hours, and recharges in as little as two seconds whenever the rider does press the brake.

"You don`t have to remember to squeeze the brake lever, you don`t have to take another action that`s unnatural you can just ride." said Hammock. "We`ve got your back."

Hammock launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for further development, distribution, and marketing. But so far, it`s only raised a fraction of their goal.

Hammock hopes riders and people who know motorcycle riders will consider investing in Stoptix.

"This will never be on the shelf next to an incandescent bulb that's four dollars, but it essentially works as a replacement. You take your bulb out, you put ours in, you are safer."

Stoptix will cost about $100, and should last for the life of the bike.

You can check out Hammock's campaign by clicking here.



  • Nuclear Mike

    Really good safety device to help motorcycles survive the roadway…now do the same for bicycles because the bicyclists badly need ever safety device they can add to their “death rides” among the 2-ton+ monsters on the roads & highways!!!

  • B

    Sounds like a great invention! Iv always pressed or pulled in my brake just enough to turn the light on when downshifting, it would be nice to not have to ride my brakes so much.
    Always keep an eye on your mirrors out there guys and gals! You could have a Christmas tree on the back of your bike and some people still don’t pay enough attention to keep from running you over at a red light or stop sign!

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