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Independent consultant called in to investigate Albertville football coach following claim of ‘improper discipline’

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ALBERTVILLE, Ala. - Albertville City Schools superintendent Ric Ayer said football head coach Joel Poole has been placed on administrative leave while the superintendent's office investigates a claim of "improper discipline."

Superintendent Ayer said this investigation stems from a claim of "improper discipline" that happened at a football practice recently.

"We got a complaint about the use of a discipline procedure with the football team and we take those seriously," said Ayers.

Ayer did not comment further on the investigation or the circumstances surrounding the incident.

Officials say Poole is on paid administrative leave until an investigation can be completed. An independent consultant is being brought in by the superintendent to handle the investigation.

Ayer expects the investigation to take roughly one to three weeks.

"I thought it was best to go ahead and put the coach on administrative leave while we do a thorough investigation and that's kind of where we are with it right now," said Ayer.

Poole has served as the Aggies head coach since 2009.

Assistant coach Cliff Mitchell was named the interim coach for the Aggies two remaining regular season games.

"We hope it will continue without a hiccup," said Ayer. "We've got some good people on the staff, so I think they'll be able to pull it off."

Albertville (3-4, 1-4) hosts Brewer (0-6, 0-4) this Friday night.

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  • Nuclear Mike

    Bullying is a lesson learned on the football field…so who is surprised when the New Jersey High School football team is all but arrested in total…while here someone ‘rat’ed out” the Coach for probably what all football coaches do…

  • Kristy Cole

    My son is a senior at AHS. he played football his freshman year. He was extremely dedicated. He never missed a practice or event. I had never seen him so dedicated to anything. He played 1 time for 3 mins! He was very good. He never had a chance. (Wrong last name)!This problem with Poole didn’t just start.

  • Michael

    I have to know what he actually did before I can take sides. If he struck a player or something like that, fire him. If it’s only something like having a potty mouth, put him back on the sideline and tell whoever snitched on him to grow a spine. If you’re playing a violent sport like football, where players regularly bludgeon themselves with their own bodies, a light insult with a four letter word is the least of your worries.

  • Mike

    The culture at Albertville is such that it is a graveyard for coaches. Supt. is a joke, Principal is lame duck, and boosters have all the say. Several really good coaches have fallen for the money it pays, but no one can win long term in a “band culture”

  • ddawg

    I drove by AHS football practice the other day and noticed a player running laps with some balloons and another small object tied to his helmet. Never seen that before.

  • NRA Is Here To Stay

    Discipline is something kids today are lacking. Somebody needs to step up as this coach did! Little Brats need a good smack down!

  • James Nunn

    Joel coached my son at Madison county who graduated in 09 . He was stern with our kids during his term at Madison county. But nothing that would warrant anything like this. He coached our kids two a 22-4 record there last two years. Personally I liked him and his coaching habits he demanded dedication but would help those kids if they needed it. We should not throw him under the bus for something without facts. I hope this is all a misunderstanding . I still support u coach.

  • soldier

    he told a player to target the player of another team because that player had targeted the smallest player on his team. the other boy had body slammed the smallest player and acted like a bully but when coach tyold his players to defend there own and they did so then that boys mom complained to the school super and this is what happened. i personally think there should be more coaches like our coach. i don’t see what he did that should warrant discipline.

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