New Market family watches latest round of storms damage home for third time

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NEW MARKET, Ala. (WHNT) - Patio chairs lay strewn across the back yard.

A dog pen sits battered and broken yards from where it once stood.

As for the front yard of the Powells' New Market home, Monday's storms dropped an enormous silver leaf maple on their front porch, a porch that had just been rebuilt after the April 2011 storms.

"I lost everything in 1995," said Rodney Blake Powell. "Then again in 2011, we had $80,000 worth of damage. We were just getting comfortable in the house from rebuilding it and here we go again."

The storm hit around 5:00 pm Monday.

Powell's mother and sister were home at the time and hid in the tub, a safety plan they put into place from years of experience.

Most of the damage appears to be to the front porch, but the Powells' dogs, Allie and Snoopy, lost their home.

"Snoopy got real scared," said Powell. "He was completely covered in mud when we found him."

Their pen was blown apart, but they survived.

Now the Powells begin the familiar rebuilding process, but they are grateful that they have never lost what truly matters.

"In any of the instances, no body was hurt. Thank God," said Powell.

He says his resilient family will once again press on.

"We can always rebuild. We just stand strong."


  • Alan

    Those two small dogs… how much trouble would it have been to bring them inside during a storm? SMH. Those dogs deserve a new home, with someone else!

    • Rodney Powell

      The Tornado warning was issued at 5:05pm the same time our damage happened.. There was no time to get our pets inside without someone getting hurt or killed… My pets were in a covered waterproof kennel that is on a concrete pad. All the other pets on our street just run wild. Mine our healthy, have all shots, have food, and love…

  • Courtney

    Why would you leave two dogs of any size outside during these weather conditions?! Of course they were scared!

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