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Rogersville now covered by an outdoor severe weather siren

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ROGERSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - A rather unfamiliar sound may be wailing over the town of Rogersville if severe weather strikes.

It’s been years since an outdoor weather siren has been operational in the town of 1,300, but that recently changed.

Fifty feet above the ground and just outside the doors of Lauderdale County High School, a new outdoor weather warning siren sits on alert.

Placed there two weeks ago, the siren is now a comfort to residents who have not heard a weather siren in years.

“It’s been eight to 10 years since Rogersville has had an outdoor weather siren, and we’ve got this one in place at the school and it came through the EMA grant. The town also applied for a grant and got a second one,” said Rogersville Police Chief Terry Holden.

Holden said the second outdoor weather siren is scheduled to be operational by November near the entrance of Joe Wheeler State Park.

Lauderdale County Emergency Management Agency officials say the weather siren being installed at Joe Wheeler is the first to go up in a state park.

It will not only cover the park’s visitors but the southern area of Rogersville as well.

For the last several years, Holden says his department has had to notify the public the old fashioned way, one mile at a time.

“We would come in, the officers and fire department would, and run routes with lights and sirens on to alert the people during a warning,” Holden explained.

But Chief Holden says residents should not depend on hearing the new outdoor siren. They should stay weather aware with things like a weather radio or local media.

EMA officials in Lauderdale County said they will soon have 75 weather sirens up and running, essentially saturating the entire county.

Five more weather sirens are scheduled to be installed during the summer of 2015.

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