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Ohio man fakes workplace injury

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(CNN) - Inside Russell Products' Cleveland plant, this video shows plant manager Glenn Jones plotting to stage a workplace injury. Investigators say Jones removed plywood covering a hole in the floor. Moments later he makes sure the coast is clear before stomping to make the hole even bigger. Investigators say the video will show Jones laying down, setting himself in place, then starts screaming for help. He was taken away by ambulance, claiming serious injuries from a fall.

Management says they are in disbelief that Jones would even attempt the ordeal because he was completly aware that cameras were there.  He was there when cameras were installed.

When Russell Products President Peggy Russell reviewed the tape and watched it several times, she realized something was suspucisous. Jones had not actually fallen and hurt himself at all. Mangagment contacted investigators with the Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation. They found that Jones made the up the entire story to steal wokers comp money.

58-year- old Jones pleaded no contest and was convicted of workers compensation fraud. He received eighty hours of community service and was placed on probation for one year.

Russell Product Cleveland Plant is just relieved because they say Jones could have got away with so much money.


  • NRA Is Here To Stay

    I’m confident he is a DIm-O-C(Rat). They ALL are looking for a handout and expect others to take care of them!! POS!

    • Dan

      If you have nothing relevant to add to the article then please keep your useless comments to yourself. The rest of us do not need to be blessed with your stupidity.

  • B

    This is what’s wrong with our country, well on of many things that are wrong! This man had a good job, he was a plant manager for goodness sake! Now he has criminal charges, I’m sure he was terminated as well. So now employers will see this on his record and turn him away, no way in heck id hire a guy that pulled a stunt like that. Don’t get me wrong, I have hired people who have made some big mistakes in their past, some just need a second chance, but not someone who I felt would intentionally hurt my company. The things people will do to get out of work, it’s asinine!

  • Say What

    Ohio? Why is this in our local news? It seems to be another attempt (successful from the looks of the comments) to support a pro-business stereotype that workers are out to victimize their benevolent employers! Bad worker — we should take away your 30 minute lunch!!!!

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