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Early afternoon storms leave damage behind in Athens

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ATHENS, Ala. (WHNT) – Just after six on Monday, Storm Hunter 19 finds traffic lights out and cars backed up on Clinton Street in Athens.

An ambulance flies by.

A block up the road, a tree fell on a car.

Folks try to clean the debris.

Not far to the west by Hometown Grocery, we find streets blocked, poles cracked, and cable lines down.

Further south on Clinton, part of a massive tree comes down on an apartment building.

Daryl Simms didn’t miss it by much. He tells us, “About three or four minutes before it hit we went to Cell Touch right around the corner.”

Good thing. Daryl shares his apartment with his eleven-year-old son Daniel. A tree limb came crashing through the roof in the minutes immediately after they went to run an errand.

He says now, “I thank the blessing of God that I came and got my son and we left.”

He and Daniel lock up before heading out. They’ll stay with friends for now, leaving behind a damaged home and a familiar sentiment, “I just pray that people take it seriously when it’s time. It’s a threat. Take shelter and protect your family and loved ones.”

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