Protesters pledge civil disobedience during a “Weekend of Resistance” in Ferguson

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Ferguson, Missouri (CNN) — Civil rights activists seeking prosecution of the police officer who killed Michael Brown advanced a second day of protests Saturday in Missouri, with no arrests, injuries or property damage reported in the first day of marches, St. Louis County police said.

The absence of police action came as protesters pledged acts of civil disobedience during a “Weekend of Resistance” in Ferguson, Missouri, and surrounding area.

Demonstrations on Friday night focused on the Ferguson Police Department, which is facing a storm of criticism after a white police officer shot and killed Brown, 18, who was black and unarmed, on August 9.

A large group of protesters marched the West Florissant corridor — the scene of looting and vandalism last month — to the police headquarters. Then they proceeded to the city of St. Louis, said St. Louis County Police spokesman Brian Schellman.

The diverse, multigenerational crowd declared their attempt to create a national movement about alleged police abuses against minorities as “vitally important,” as one demonstrator said. Protesters hailed from California, Illinois and Kansas.

“We have people from all across the United States to stand in one accord for justice in this matter,” Reginald Rounds, who lives in the same apartment complex where Brown resided, said Saturday.

“We are not going to stop addressing the matter until we get some resolve. We’ll be here,” Rounds said.

Shouts for justice

Chants demanding “justice for Mike Brown” rang out into the night early Saturday as protesters marched in a St. Louis suburb to highlight fatal police shootings.

Organizers, who describe the shootings as racially motivated, said they expect thousands to attend four-day events planned until Monday.

The early Saturday protests featured a few hundred people as police in riot gear stood watch.

“No justice, no peace!” they chanted. “Hands up don’t shoot!” Others carried placards that read, “demilitarize the police.”

As protesters stared down police officers standing in a single file, an announcement came on the megaphone. “If you touch a police officer, you will be arrested for assault,” it said.

The protests kicked off Friday afternoon when demonstrators invoked a Mexican Halloween tradition and set up a Day of the Dead altar to memorialize Brown and others. The altars featured candles, flowers and photos of the deceased.

Men in dark suits quietly carried coffin made of mirrors down the streets as chanting protesters followed.

A few hours later, the crowd dispersed.

‘Ferguson October’

This weekend’s protests dubbed “Ferguson October” and the “Weekend of Resistance” will focus on the last month’s encounter between Brown and Police Officer Darren Wilson, who authorities said shot Brown after he attacked him and tried to take his gun. But witnesses offered a starkly different version: They said the unarmed teenager had his hands in the air when he was shot.

His shooting prompted weeks of protests in Ferguson, which sometimes became violent when demonstrators and police clashed.

Demands for officer’s arrest

Before this week, protests had died down considerably.

The goal of the protests planned for Friday through Monday is to demand Wilson’s arrest and bring attention to what organizers describe as racial profiling and police violence nationwide.

“Our country can no longer deny the epidemic of police violence facing black and brown communities,” the movement’s website states. “Mike Brown is now part of a long list of people like John Crawford, Ezell Ford, Eric Garner, Oscar Grant and countless others who have been unjustly killed by police. Their lives mattered.”

Twelve miles away in St Louis, protesters have also rallied against the death of Vonderrit Deondre Myers, 18.

Protests erupted there after a white police officer fatally shot the black teenager. But this one was different from the Brown case because the teenager was armed and fired at the officer, according to authorities.

Days of protests

The Ferguson march features four days of planned events.

Activists and protesters plan to march through downtown St. Louis on Saturday in a show of unity against police violence nationwide, organizers said.

Several other events will be held Sunday, including an evening meeting of “reflection and resistance” at St. Louis University with author and professor Cornel West, rapper-activist Tef Poe and and Rabbi Susan Talve.

A closing ceremony Monday will feature participants removing items from the Day of the Dead memorial, organizers said.

Their goal is to “build momentum” for a nationwide movement to address police violence, they said.

The official schedule also calls for “a series of actions throughout the Ferguson and St. Louis area” exercising civil disobedience.

“Power concedes nothing without a demand,” organizers said.


  • DEA

    Punk THUGS just looking for an excuse to Riot!! Police need to use Heavy Hand to restore law & order. Michael Brown was a common Criminal and justice was served on that day he assaulted the Officer. The Punk is in Hell today & forever!

  • Max

    The persons killing black male’s are other black male’s. Black male’s are the most violent segment of American Society. To say that Law Enforcement is targeting black male’s is ludicrous.

    • Michael

      They DO target the black community. They don’t always end up in shootings, thank God, but the arrest numbers are disproportionate. Blacks are arrested for drugs 4 times more than whites yet there is no evidence to suggest drug usage between the two races are significantly different.

      • Max

        The reason they are arrested more is because they commit more crimes disproportionately than the rest of the population. That is a FACT!

      • Michael

        No, whites are committing just as many crimes. Eyes are on the black community though, therefore they get caught and arrested more.

      • LAC

        Micheal, here is a serious question. Does the average citizen feel more unsafe walking through a “general white neighborhood, where educated working black people also live- meaning an average neighborhood” or an “all black neighborhood?”
        If you don’t mind answering that and also explaining what creates that feeling? Thanks

      • LAC

        Thank you for whoever is reporting my comments. The fact that nearly all my comments on this subject are awaiting moderation only validates the point I am trying to make. Noone wants to admit or confront difficult problems. So good luck solving them.

      • Michael

        One thing I can tell you, it’s not me. A couple of mine are awaiting it too. WHNT needs to raise the flag limit. This is only feeding the cowards.

        If you responded back to me, sorry, I don’t see it.

      • LAC

        I didn’t say average citizen, I said average neighborhood. To me, you average citizen, regardless of race, works for a living, raising a family, certainly goes through hard times, but looks out for the better of his fellow man, neighborhood…etc. Not someone who sticks a gun in someone’s face and demands their hard earned money, doesn’t assault someone for a minor mistake or for fun, doesn’t bring activities into his home that will have a harmful effect on the community.

  • LAC

    It is impossible to reason with people who do not care to know the truth, only their opinion of the truth. This is exactly why our founding fathers did not establish a democracy, because it directly translates to mob rule. I feel bad for the family of the 18 year old, but the family will never be convinced (or admit) the young man was holding a gun instead of a sandwich. It would not matter if there was a video of the incident, and sadly that is the world we live in today.

  • Max

    I have a solution to the problem. Pull all Law Enforcement out of black neighborhoods and see what happens. Anybody want to wager what will happen?

    • LAC

      Ill place a bet. Crime would go up. Violent crime would skyrocket. But the number of arrest and reported crime would go down because no one would be there to enforce the law or protect the innocent. Max, black on black crime is sad epidemic whether you admit it or not, and the police are not the ones creating it. So keep you head in the sand as long as you wish. That type of leadership if as effective as Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson, only taking issue when it benefits you. Take a look at Chicago for your shining example. Its very fortunate all those young lives are lost because everyone wants to blame either police or white people and not face the real issues.

    • LAC

      After re-reading my post i see a grammatical area and cannot edit…. it is very UNfortunate all those young lives are lost ….sorry i think i should proof read a little better next.

  • Judy Allison

    There could be a stop put to all this if anyone had the “nerve” to do it. This is past ridiculous. The only reason the people there want unrest is so they can loot the stores. Not one of the “rioters” care about who killed who…just people wanting something for nothing and here’s a convenient way to get it.

  • Bob

    If these scumbag low info voters had jobs, they wouldn’t have time to protest. They just want to loot and show off for the liberal news media.

  • Porsche

    Name anything of value that has come out of the black race. Unfortunately they are bringing it on themselves by fueling the fire of racism on a daily basis through their behavior.

    • LAC

      There are lots of great things that have come out of the black race. Martin Luther King, Clarence Thomas many great artist, athletes role models, great military leaders and so on. The problem, in my opinion, is in the new younger generation that have embraced an entitled, gangster rap type lifestyle. This is a very complex problem and I understand that, but the root cause I believe is the lack or fathers in home. 40-50 year old men still wearing their pants hanging off there butt, speaking in thug slang embracing a life style that is not compatible with a civilized society. I am not very proud of the way I acted as a teenager, however at some point you must grow up and conduct yourself as a responsible adult. However, in a large segment of the black community this notion is an afterthought, men are never forced to grow up and act as adults. Those that do are considered outcast by their own race, sell outs, acting white. It is sad, people with historic achievements, reaching the pinnacle of their professions, Mrs. Rice, Clarence Thomas (a profound achievement to be on the Supreme Court) are not viewed as role models, they are outcast. I dont understand how one could begin to fix that problem.

      • Porsche

        When a child in a family misbehaves, then it’s that family’s responsibility to reprimand that child’s behavior. If that family doesn’t do that, then the family become the fault. So, not enough blacks speaking up against the violence in Chicago and other place. So, if you are branded as a violent race through your behavior, then that becomes and promotes the stereotype. So, again, blacks are bringing it on themselves. And on those blacks who have made “historic” achievements – name any in Africa that have made historic achievements. It’s the white society that assimilated those blacks into our schools and colleges and obviously gave them a chance to better their lives through “whitey’s” society and culture. Name any respected colleges in Africa.

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