Florence Police officer on administative leave, fired two shots

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FLORENCE, Ala. (WHNT) - A Florence Police officer is on paid administrative leave follow a shooting Wednesday afternoon.

Officers responded to a call of a man with what looked like a gun. The caller said a the man approached his family in their vehicle on North Eclipse Street and was acting erratic and pointed a rifle at his family.

When officers arrived, video from the dashboard camera shows the man was not cooperating when they asked him to put the weapon down.

That's when you see one officer fire two shots. Florence Police Chief Ron Tyler was at the scene shortly after.

"We believe the officer fired two rounds," Chief Tyler said. "The subject was not struck, but he is at ECM undergoing a mental evaluation at this time. The officer is going to be sitting home on administartive leave pendig the outcome of the ABI's final investigation."

Chief Tyler went on to confirm the man was not actually holding a gun, but a walking cane.

They are not releasing the name of the officer who fired shots at this time.

"We're concerned about him," Chief Tyler said about his officer. "He has all sorts of emotions going on. We'll provide him the necessary follow up treatment that we need to."

The Alabama Bureau of Investigation is now working this incident.


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    Glad he is still being paid, all involved are lucky that no one was injured. At such a close range, and the rifle/cane was pointed toward the ground so surely those were 2 warning shots, and not just accidental miss. If that’s the case I like to think the officer did the right thing.
    Never tried it but I would imagine asphault is soft enough to absorb and stop a bullet rather than it ricocheting and putting the public in danger.

  • C

    Make no mistake, he missed. Also, asphalt is not soft enough to stop a ricochet. If you or I fired two shots at a man with a walking cane, no matter what we THOUGHT he had, they would throw the book at us

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