Texas Hospital: Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan has died

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(CNN) — Thomas Eric Duncan, the man with Ebola who traveled to the United States from Liberia, died Wednesday morning at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas, the hospital said.

He had been in critical condition after being diagnosed with the virus in mid-September. People who have had contact with him have been isolated and are being monitored for symptoms.


News of Duncan’s death comes as a federal official told CNN that airports in the United States will begin taking the temperatures of arriving passengers who have flight itineraries originating from West African countries where Ebola is concentrated.

The screenings will begin this weekend or next week, according to the source who has direct knowledge of the screenings.

Among the countries considered to be in the so-called Ebola zone are Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia and Nigeria.

The new measures at U.S. airports come a day after Dr. Thomas Frieden, the director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, told reporters that devising travel guidelines was in the works but nothing had yet been finalized enough to announce.

The Ebola virus can spread through contact with bodily fluids — blood, sweat, feces, vomit, semen and saliva — and only by someone who is showing symptoms, according to the CDC.

People with Ebola may not be symptomatic for up to 21 days.

Symptoms generally occur abruptly eight to 10 days after infection, though that period can range from two to 21 days, health officials say.

Air travelers must keep in mind that Ebola is not transmitted through the air, said Dr. Marty Cetron, director of the CDC’s Division of Global Migration and Quarantine.

“There needs to be direct contact frequently with body fluids or blood,” he stressed.

Cases in Europe

Meanwhile, Frederic Vincent, a spokesman for the European Commission, told CNN on Wednesday that there have been eight confirmed cases of Ebola in European countries. There is one case in the United Kingdom that has been treated and the person has recovered; one case in France like that; two cases in Germany in which patients are receiving treatment; and three cases in Spain: two deceased Spanish missionaries and a nurse’s assistant who is being treated.

There is also a case in which a Norwegian staffer with Doctors Without Borders is being treated, he said.

Also in Spain, health officials said four more potential Ebola cases — in addition to the nurse’s assistant — are under observation.

Cases in West Africa

The globe’s largest outbreak of Ebola has killed more than 3,400 people in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone. Since March, more than 7,400 people have contracted Ebola in those nations, according to the World Health Organization.

The CDC is tracking the latest cases in the region.

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  • styles johnson

    Look, I’m not racist but how come the white ones recover so well when they are checked in and the black ones die? You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure this out. Black, illegal immigrant, lives in an apartment..well..go figure

    • B

      Lol, are you serious? Who said he was an illegal immigrant? He was the first black person im aware of to come back to the United States with Ebola. Just so happens the few Drs have been white (according to you assumption, I do not know that to be fact), but he was given the same experimental drug that they were. It’s like any other drug, it has different effects for different people I’m sure and unfortunately it did not save the mans life. To say this is some sort of race issue is absurd! People who think like this are the reason for the racial tensions we still face in this wonderful country today!

      • B

        Sry, Duncan was given a different experimental drug because supplies of Zmapp run out.
        “A Norwegian woman infected with Ebola in Sierra Leone is to be given the last remaining dose of ZMapp in the world.
        Supplies of the experimental drug, which has been used on patients who survived in the US and Liberia, have run out and manufacturers have admitted it will take months to make more.”
        But none the less this man was given an experimental drug as well, they did try. Also yes the Dallas hospital made a huge mistake by not quarantining the man the first time he showed up at the hospital, but I can assure you no one would want someone with Ebola walking around freely regardless of the patients race.

    • TruthLivesHere

      Most of the time when someone begins a sentence with “I’m not racist but…” the opposite is usually true.

  • What You Say?

    So when is the anointed one in the office going to go on primetime and say that the hospital was being racist by sending the poor minority guy home with pain killers? If he had a brother/son/father/cousin, he would have been like duncan! When is he going to blame the pharmaceutical companies for making drugs that don’t work on minorities? Get the activist ag holder on the case! Don’t let this crisis go to waste! It is obviously a civil rights issue!

    • B

      Fortunately for us Mr Holder is no longer a threat to our country, however considering Rev Al Sharpton insists on meeting with Obama about who will be his replacement, the next guy or gal maybe worse… Who knows could be Sharpton himself! Let’s just hope Obama hasn’t stooped so low to as to take advice offered by that racist idiot. Sometimes I think Obama just wants to see our country burn though…

  • styles johnson

    B the man was liberian. Know this for a fact. Liberians tend to have names similar to black americans. Don’t be surprised to hear of a chris Roberts!! And yes, its a civil rights matter when only white folk survive this disease in an american hospital and black ones die .

    • Realityhurts

      Have you never taken a basic science class? Any time someone has a disease there are major risks, especially with Ebola. Even though I am white, if I were to go to a hospital after having the disease for a few weeks there is absolutely no guarantee that I would live. To act as if the fact that someone is a minority has any effect on their treatment is absurd. Of course the hospital wanted the patient to live, this is how doctors learn how to treat others. This is 2014, get over yourself.

  • styles johnson

    Look here, all the white patients were quarantined according to standard international protocol and thats why they survived. The black man was just let to die for whatever reason.

    • Realityhurts

      Really left to die? He was treated in a hospital using medications. Maybe the reason for his delayed treatment was because unlike the white patients who were aware they had been exposed to Ebola, this man failed to mention it, leading the the staff at the hospital being unaware that he ever could have contacted it. At least get your facts straight if you want to play the race card, your playing up stereotypes.

  • Juan Hernandez

    POS Dim-O-Craps should ALL be sent to “Africa” and forced to live there the rest of their sorry low-life lives!!!!!!!!

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