Community group calls for resignation of Huntsville City Schools superintendent, other organizations pledge support

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – Members of the North Huntsville Community United for Action called for Casey Wardynski to resign as superintendent for Huntsville City Schools Monday morning.

The group made the announcement during a news conference held in front of the Annie Merts Center on White Street Monday morning.  They say Wardynski should be fired if he does not resign.

Pastor TC Johnson, a spokesman for the group, said Wardynski had the full support of the North Huntsville Community United for Action when he took office, but has since “earned their distrust.”

Members of the organization said schools in north Huntsville are not treated the same as schools in south Huntsville. Johnson said a main concern for the group is that highly qualified teachers are transferred from schools in north Huntsville to south Huntsville.

“We want all children, regardless of socioeconomic status, to have the same education…” Johnson said. “We’re not protesting what the south has. We believe that is the standard that all schools should have.”

The North Huntsville Community United for Action describes itself as  a community oriented group composed of pastors, ministers, black elected officials, community leaders, parents and others residing in north Huntsville.

The group’s mission statement is, “We believe that all students should have an equal access to a quality education including all resources (highly qualified and certified teachers, equal curriculum with Advanced Placement courses, equitable facilities and access to extra curricula activities.”

Later Wednesday, the City of Huntsville pledged its full support to the Huntsville City School Board and Superintendent Dr. Casey Wardynski.

“Every child must emerge from our schools college or career ready and well-prepared for active and meaningful lives as thoughtful, engaged and productive citizens,” Mayor Tommy Battle said. “We believe our Board of Education and Dr. Wardysnki are working to meet that challenge, and we have confidence in the job they are doing for our children.”

The Chamber of Commerce of Huntsville/Madison County also released a letter supporting Wardynski, saying that extending his contract will be a positive sign to the community that Huntsville City Schools is in good hands.

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  • styles johnson

    Everyone seems to have woken up to this guy’s agenda. Legal separation of white and black students. Go hang out in the big spring park and eavesdrop on some conversations between white folk, this is a grand idea that has to be enforced because most white kids are becoming ’eminem’

  • styles johnson

    Look here, we also don’t need white trash in any of our neighborhoods. We don’t need no meth heads, crack heads nor pill heads roaming our hoods with Eminem speak. As far as I’m concerned, let it happen. Malcom X advocated for this stuff long ago. I agree, total separation of white and black students. We have our own teachers who are lawyers, scientists and what not who are black. However, I could be just one here. There are more ‘polished’ people who think integration is good for the well being of our contemporary society as it is. My son is well in aschool mixed with Indians, Chinese, Africans..and I haven’t even mentioned white folk. Yeah, we can do without you, white trash.

    • Just saying

      I’m confused by your statement “I agree, total separation of white and black students.”
      The North side of Huntsville is majority black… the South is white. And if you haven’t noticed, all the black schools are failing. North Huntsville is all run down, while the South side prospers. Are you proud of that??

      This argument isnt about “white trash”… it is about black vs. white.

    • nuclear Jon

      Look here, we don’t need no racist retoric on this public forum. As an African American , I am proud to adhere to the teachings of the great MLK. I am still looking toward to the day we can live in harmony. Name calling , and judging the lords children is moving everybody in reverse. Like the great Vanilla Ice once said …” if there’s a problem, let my DJ resolve it.

  • gigi

    Wow! Racism is alive and well in Huntsville! And judging from the spelling and grammar of the “white folks”, it would seem that your south Huntsville education didn’t take. .

  • nuclear Jon

    I ain’t no white trash piece of s–t. I’m better than you all! I can out – learn you. I can out -read you. I can out-phiosophize you. And I’m gonna out – last you. You think a couple of whacks to my guts is gonna get me down? It’s gonna take a hell of a lot more than that to prove you’re better than me!! That was a quote from Max Cady from the movie Cape Fear . I thought it might fit into this crazy dialogue.

  • styles johnson

    I also go by the teachings of common sense. If white folk don’t want our kids around theirs, naturall we shouldn’t want theirs around ours. However, thats us in the 50’s. Its not about us though, its the kids. Period.

  • Erica Fox

    I just want to know why the author of this, Drew Galloway, ISN’T correcting the story?? The press conference was THIS MORNING! Not Monday?? Come on man!!!

  • ed

    He is just doing his job and people don’t like it. Segregation is still apart of Huntsville just a different segregation than the past.

  • kld

    He should resign. It’s disturbing to know that school officials here are promoting segregation. It may not be overt, but it is happening by degrees and should not be tolerated. The ACLU needs to look into this. I am white, by the way.

  • Ray

    Well I find it interesting that these community leaders are calling for the immediate termination of the superintendent when he has accomplished everything and more than he set out to do and was tasked to do by the School Board and HCS. Usually you fire someone for not doing their job, but when you have someone getting results and getting new schools and new funding and overall improving the system that seems a little weird. Bob got mad because he couldnt sit at the table with the DOJ and Board of Education..Bob you dont work at HCS or the Board of Education. You are confused. You work for the county. Last time I checked Huntsville is part of the county but your office has nothing to do with City Schools. Also you werent asked about naming the school since you dont represent Huntsvile City Schools so you shouldnt be mad at the superintendent. You should be mad at yourself for running for the wrong office. If you want to affect education you should run for a school board seat. You can then be front and center on whats going on. Right now you are just a bystander as are most all citizens while our govt is doing their work. Right now, I see what you are doing is just grandstanding to further your political aspirations for a future office. If you really want to affect change you need to work with the system not trying to derail or grandstand just to get news coverage..

  • Nuclear Mike

    Did everyone take note of CH19 NOT allowing any comments to their own in-house crime regarding their Janitor “During questioning, agents say Nelson admitted to hiding cameras in restrooms at three Huntsville businesses. One of those businesses was WHNT News 19.”???

  • Jen

    Perhaps instead of blaming the superintendent for “the highly qualified teachers are being transferred to South HSV”, they should look in the mirror and ask themselves “why are all these teachers wanting to transfer out of North HSV?” Could be possibly be that parents aren’t doing their jobs there?? That’s not the superintendent’s fault! I have a friend who teaches at an elementary school in North HSV….only 3 parents showed up for PTA!! Perhaps the North HSV community should look to themselves and fix what’s broken before blaming someone else for their shortcomings.

  • Bob

    This whole thread of replies is exactly why WHNT should close the comments section or at the very least use a Facebook login.

  • styles B. Johnson

    Look here, what Wardynski is doing is just fine. we are not dying to have white kids mingle with us. Lets do what Malcom X advocated for. Total separation of races in schools. Let it be if its going to promote peace. We are not dying for white company people. Get this through your heads. The best scientists and business minds in the world are not white folk. Period. Its other ethnicities and of course Jews. What has to go for everybody is funding and that’s why we’ll go the courts to resolve. But let all white teachers head to the south and let us have some black men and women teach in North Huntsville schools. LET IT BE. We are not dying for your company.

  • styles B. Johnson

    …and you Claire, why did you get that Ebola topic off? we had it going. A lot of unanswered about the man’s death.

  • styles B. Johnson

    All we black folk need is organization and clarity. All this nonsense in North Huntsville is nothing but a total lack of leadership from nobody but us!. Let us mobilize our own to be disciplined in all aspects of community living. No wonder them teachers are heading south. I don’t blame them.This is a great opportunity for us to get our own house in order but not at the cache of mingling with whites. That shouldn’t be it.

  • The Artist Formerly Known as "White Trash"

    I lived in North Huntsville and I moved to be in a better school district. Just because I live in South Huntsville now, does not make me “white trash”. I also have black neighbors and they are not “white trash” either.

    I would also like to point out that only ONE of almost 30 schools getting free lunch and breakfast YEAR ROUND is in South Huntsville. Talk about feeling left off of the Wardynski gravy train.

  • Jedidiah

    It really sounds as if they are trying to shuffle blame around to hide their own failures as parents, leaders, and productive human beings. On the other hand, perhaps they are suffering under the delusion that were they able to retain these teachers, that their children would do better in school. It would be ignorant to say that there are not children with a passion to better themselves trapped in a terrible situation. However, I feel that these are the minority. The majority of children on the north side of town do not care about or respect their education. This is a cultural issue.

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