Fan Gets Too Close to Nick Saban, Gets Chokeslammed by State Trooper (updated with first-hand account)

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OXFORD, Miss. (WHNT) — Don’t mess with Nick Saban.

After Alabama’s 23-17 loss at Ole Miss on Saturday, a state trooper escorting Saban off the field chokeslammed an Ole Miss fan that got too close.

A trooper escorting Saban into the locker room made a game-worthy tackle, chokeslamming the fan to the ground. Saban then stepped over the student as he continued to run off the field.

A University of Alabama spokesman said the student did not appear to be attempting to confront Saban, but his celebration apparently carried him into the path of Saban and his security force.

The SEC fined Ole Miss $50,000 -- the maximum fine -- on Sunday because the school also was cited for similar violations in 2012 and 2013.

Fans tore down both goal posts then paraded them through town. It’s estimated it will cost $10,000 to replace the posts.

Kentucky also drew a $25,000 penalty for the celebration of a 45-38 upset of South Carolina. Kentucky also was penalized in 2006 and 2007, but drew a smaller fine because its last offense was more than three years ago.

"Saturday's games were filled with excitement and celebration for a number of schools across the SEC last weekend, but significant risk of injury for student-athletes and fans alike can result from incidents such as these," SEC commissioner Mike Slive said in a statement. "Health and safety will always be a top priority at SEC athletic events."

SEC policy restricts access to areas of competition to coaches, athletes, officials support personnel and others with proper credentials.

Commissioner Slive has discretion to impose fines for violations in all SEC sports. Penalties start at $5,000 for a first offense.

Auburn was fined $5,000 after its Iron Bowl victory over Alabama last season.

The money will go toward the SEC's post-graduate awards scholarship fund.

*The Associated Press contributed to this report.



  • NRA Is Here To Stay

    Who in their right mind would want to be that close to the “Egotistical” Saban?! I hope the individual sues the state trooper who assaulted him! Alabama state trooper has NO jurisdiction in Mississippi either! They should have “Chokeslammed” Saban.

      • Cody

        I’m so sorry I meant to say auburn Looooooser, go somewhere and choke your war chicken. sorry you want here from me again, I don’t waste a lot of my time with war chicken chokers, but I will leave you with this, ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!

  • Rolling my eyes

    Seriously NRA? The Trooper did not assault him. Troopers that protect any coaches are hired to do just that regardless of what state they are in. Someone running towards that coach when all heck is breaking loose around them is a possible threat, therefore they get slammed. The students should not have rushed the field. Period.

    • Red

      You are obviously the imbecile here. I don’t expect you to comprehend or agree. If you did, I might have to reconsider my statement.

  • mamac

    Who cares? Alabama don’t pay my bills and they don’t do anything for me. Heck even if I went to Saban or the college and ask for money or for a pic or a football for a great cause cancer or scouting or anything, they would turn my butt around and make me leave. I don’t care if it is Alabama, Ole Miss ect..I might even get a choke hold ..

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