WHNT News 19 partners with Mungo Homes to Pay it Forward

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - WHNT NEWS 19 is taking action to make sure folks that are serving our community and giving back in a positive way, don't go unnoticed. Each week, we award $319 to a deserving person or organization. Now, we have a new partner to help continue that mission.

WHNT NEWS 19’s Clarissa McClain sat down with the CEO of Mungo Homes to talk about why the company came on board to help Pay it Forward.

Mungo Homes is family owned and based in Columbia, South Carolina. For generations, the company has built homes. The business recently expanded to include Huntsville. But building homes isn't their only focus.

“We don’t want to just be any other company," says Mungo. “We like to be a part of the organic fabric of every community that we build in."

Mungo Homes CEO Steven Mungo says his family has a history of philanthropy. It started with his father, who grew up in extreme poverty.

“He went to great lengths to make sure we understood that there were many times he went to bed as a kid hungry and didn’t know where his next meal was going to come from," says Mungo.

From that, his father encouraged them to work hard and give back.

“We feel like there’s an obligation from those that have to help take care of those that don’t," explains Mungo.

Pay it Forward fits right in with the company's philosophy.

“We just feel like there is a tremendous number of people out there that do really good work every day that don’t get the recognition they deserve,” says Mungo. “Our sincere hope is that those people can serve as inspiration to other folks."

That inspiration can be for people to do more and get involved. For those already serving, the inspiration can be to keep going.

“We’re really happy that the good Lord has given us the resources to be able to help other people and given us the wisdom to do it appropriately."

Steven Mungo is very excited about the opportunity to be a part of the Huntsville community in this way. WHNT NEWS 19 is looking forward to sharing more great stories of people who are really making a difference in our communities across north Alabama.

We won't know about them, unless you tell us. So, please do! Nominate someone for Pay it Forward and tell us why the person deserves $319.

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