Madison consignment boutique promises 70 percent discount off retail prices in high-end atmosphere

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MADISON, Ala. (WHNT) - Now that we're into fall, new styles are emerging.

WHNT News 19 is looking for ways to help you save some money while looking stylish and trendy.

We found a place in Madison that may fit that description.  It's called Great Labels Boutique.

You may have driven past it on Slaughter Road.

Great Labels Boutique is a consignment store, but you'd never know it by the looks of it.

The staff truly emphasizes the "boutique" part of it.

The store has been sitting there growing for three and a half years -- from two small rooms to now, the entire building.

"Great Labels has been able to grow because there is such an interest in saving money and making sure that you get the best deal possible," said Kathy Boukedes, a sales associate.  "And that's what we offer to our customers."

Boukedes is not only a sales associate, but she's also a consignor and customer.

She's worked there for three years because of what she says makes it different from other consignment shops.

"We offer a boutique setting, but still give you a great deal," said Boukedes.  "It looks good, it smells good, we have great decor, so when people come in, they're not even thinking 'I'm here because I have to save money.'  They're thinking 'I'm here because I'm getting a great deal and I really like being here.'"

She explained items are carefully screened and priced at up to 70 percent off what they would be priced at in a retail store.  Local consignors bring in new items every day.  The staff makes sure they are trendy, in near-perfect condition and in style.

From boots to bags to jewelry, suits, children's clothing and then there are some things you can't wear but may just love.

Great Labels Boutique also gives a five-percent discount to its Facebook friends and a five-percent discount to military families.

There's one other thing you wouldn't know just looking through the store.  Every couple of weeks, they clean out their merchandise and for the things that don't sell immediately and the seller doesn't want them back, Great Labels Boutique donates the clothes to Manna House in Huntsville.