Teen who has been stabbed in the back five times wants to be an officer when he grows up

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Trevantae is 15 and in the 9th grade.

“Only thing I like about school is art.  I like to color and paint,” Trevantae said.

He also likes sports.

“I like basketball, football and baseball,” Trevantae declared.

Every child we meet, we talk to them about adoption.  Some are ready, some aren’t.

“Something you’d be interested in at all?” Lee asked.

“I would love that. Well, cause I haven’t had a good childhood at all,” Trevantae stated.

“What’s been some of the hardest things?” Lee inquired.

“Being stabbed in the back 5 times,” Trevantae answered.

“You mean literally or figuratively?” Lee asked.

“Literally,” Trevantae replied.

Stabbed in the back 5 times.  I had to let that sink in.

He’s been in foster care now four years.

“Being taken away from my mom is also hard,” Trevantae said.

“What’s the hardest part about that?” Lee asked.

“Not being able to see my mom the rest of my life and the worst part about it, she’s had six strokes and I’m not there to help her,” Trevantae answered.

“Kinda hard to be a kid when you’re dealing with adult problems,” Lee said.

Trevante nodded.

Trevante wants to be a police officer when he grows up.  We just need someone to help him get there.

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