Got a new iPhone 6? Here are some apps worth downloading

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Image: iPhone 6/Apple via CNN

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – Millions have already purchased Apple’s latest smartphones, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. The devices boast enhanced graphics and faster processing, among other upgrades. Apple’s new iOS 8 operating system also gives app developers new freedoms.

If you’re looking for some apps designed to take advantage of the iPhone 6’s new features, check out the suggestions below and look for technology reporter Michelle Stark‘s reports the week of October 6th on WHNT News 19 This Morning from 4:30 – 7:00 a.m.

Vainglory – Designed specifically for touchscreens, this massive multiplayer game seems like a great fit for the iPhone 6 Plus. During the device’s unveiling, Apple even showcased the game in its demo of the iPhone 6’s graphics abilities. Users select a hero, then do battle in a colorful, exciting fantasy arena.

Snapseed – The iPhone 6’s camera has earned positive reviews for faster auto-focus and panorama shots. Snapseed could help enhance those positives even more. The app is a solid photo editing tool, offering Instagram-like features including filters and frames. There are also extensive tools for editing, including brightness adjustment cropping and other editing.

Kindle – The Kindle app is popular already but newly upgraded for iOS 8. The Kindle Today widget for example, lets you keep up to three books on the home screen for easier reading. You can also copy/paste/share text directly from what you’re reading.

Swype – Apple is now allowing apps for the iPhone that manipulate its keyboard. Swype is a customization tool that takes advantage of that, allowing users to drag their finger from letter to letter to type – drawing, instead of typing out, words. It’s already a big hit among Android users.

1Password – Major hacks are making it harder to feel good about the security of our financial and personal information online. 1Password may help. It’s a password manager that allows you to create unique passwords for all of your important accounts, then access them through the app using one, simpler password. It’s newly updated for iOS 8 with integration for Apple’s Touch ID fingerprint security.

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