Running in stilettos to raise funds for domestic violence and abuse victims

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) -- An event Sunday helped raise awareness and funds for an organization that provides north Alabama residents with assistance when they need it most.

A bunch of kids sprinting down a downtown Huntsville block isn't a common occurrence. Neither is seeing ladies running in very treacherous looking high heel in a dash to the finish line.

The races are a part of the fundraiser, but they were a carefree aspect of an outside layer. At the heart of the event was a deeper and stronger layer of testimony and experiences.

As speakers got up to the stand and gripped a microphone, many of them took a deep breath, and then launched into stories that must have been hard to tell. They were stories of domestic violence and abuse.

People who go through the same situations are who this event benefitted. "All of the proceeds go directly to Crisis Services of North Alabama," event coordinator Kerri Davis says.

Davis says in addition to raising funds, another goal of the event was to raise awareness.

"It's just really necessary for people to understand for what's available for them locally, for anybody involved in any kind of domestic violence situation," Davis says.

Davis says they wanted to do what they could to help the organization, so it can continue to help victims become survivors. "We really need people to come together to be strength for each other," Davis says.

Event organizers say they plan on making this fundraiser an annual one, and hope to make it even bigger and better next year.


  • styles johnson

    Why didn’t they invite me to be a guest speaker? What was the composition of the audience? I guess it was Huntsville Police Department and a lot of women. Who were the speakers? Look, its all good but don’t make men to be monsters out there when a majority of these domestic violence stuff is initiated and started by women and of course, when the police are called, they have this dumb ‘standard’ protocol to arrest the man and haul them to jail without any time to explain themselves on the scene other than in courts. That’s fine too but the financial costs of due process in courts also take its toll on the men leading to job losses, family disintegration among other things. These organizations need to hold these women accountable for their roles and actions in these domestic issues. A lot of them are addicts, insane and just outright psychologically dysfunctional. They get kicks out of being ‘cared’ for and of course for these organizations, its the money. You know, tax write offs for their non-profit status.

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