UPDATE: Suspect found in Louisiana and taken into custody

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MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WHNT)-  Police took Matthew Lawrencereno Wright into custody after he allegedly shot a police officer and crossed two state lines Sunday.

The stolen vehicle of the suspect was spotted late afternoon in northeastern Louisiana. A vehicle pursuit followed by Ferriday Louisiana police and Louisiana State Police.

Wright exited the vehicle and lead police on a foot pursuit around 5:30 p.m. Sunday.

According to officials, the shooting happened around 8:30 a.m. inside the Walmart. The officer, who is being identified only as Officer Hubbard, was responding to a reported theft at store. According to investigators  when the officer approached the suspect in the store, the man produced a weapon and fired, striking the officer. The suspect fled the parking lot where he stole a gray Chrysler 300 with an Alabama license plate THEQNB.

The wounded officer was transported for treatment and is listed in critical-stable condition.

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  • santaclausmama

    I was married to a policeman and have family that are policemen, but that statement is crazy… there are innocent confused people that aren’t carrying guns! So to shoot first is the way of a coward. And as for as this fool that shot the officer… it is guaranteed that his gun was never legal.

  • santaclausmama

    Excuse me…I should have said… that it was never purchased Legally… sorry you couldn’t figure that one out! So glad to clarify this for you!

    • Say What

      It is “legal” to purchase a handgun out of the trunk of a car. It is “legal” to purchase a gun at a gun show from anyone that is not a licensed firearms dealer (only they have to do a background check). The NRA has filled the definition of a “legal” purchase so full of exceptions that it is hard to say if this criminal bought his gun legally or not. I have several guns. Every one of my guns was purchased in the parking lot of gun shows and/or in people’s living rooms!

  • santaclausmama

    And yes, guns can be manufactured by gangs or anyone else…I recently read an MSN article about an new machine that cost $1,200 that allows anyone to make untraceable semi automatic rifles at home… no background checks–no waiting. Yes, Say what… print as many rifles as you want right off you desktop with the new ” Ghost Gunner”… any fool can do it.

    • Eric

      That machine only prints the lower receiver of an AR15. You would still have to order the upper receiver, barrel, stock, mags, and other components. The only significance of the machine is that it prints with no serial but Louisiana doesn’t require a guns serial to be registered anyway so there was no real point.

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