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Indiana mom of three survives attack, takes safety into her own hands

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Photo: CNN

Indianapolis, IN (WXIN) — A mother of three survived a terrifying crime this week, leading her to vow it won’t happen again.

Kristen Leonard was on the porch of her home on 42nd street near the Butler campus Monday morning at 3:30 a.m. when a man attacked her. She’d been up late studying while her three girls were asleep.

“I just happened to be up a little later than what I normally am and was out here because it was nice,” Leonard said.

He moved in quickly, whispering as he tried to grab hold of Leonard.

“(He) just really quietly said, ‘You’re going to come with me and nobody’s going to get hurt. If you do what I say, you won’t get hurt,” Leonard said.

He had a black hoodie over his head, mask covering his face and Leonard said he pulled out a knife.

“Out of instinct I grabbed it and it was huge. It wasn’t just some pocket knife,” Leonard said.

Her instinct took over and Leonard managed to distract him by offering up her purse. He took it, leaving her there.

“He was very casual and very calm. He wasn’t nervous at all. He knew what he was doing,” Leonard said.

Knowing she was lucky, Leonard went to Beech Grove Firearms on Wednesday to take a short lesson and shoot guns on the range.

She was far from the first victim to walk in the door there.

“I wish I could say I would be surprised, but in the day and age that we apparently all live in, it’s not surprising,” owner Greg Burge said.

Leonard kept true to her promise: she walked out with her own gun and planned to come back for lessons and practice.

“I feel a lot safer walking out of here and a lot more confident,” Leonard said.

She hoped that others would learn from her story, whether it be to arm themselves or just to be more aware of their surroundings. This is the second report of an attack by a masked man in her area in the past couple of months.

“Fight if you have to. No matter what they say, just fight any way that you can,” Leonard said.


  • LAC

    Say what, what are you waiting for….please tell this poor women that there is no need to resort to the ridiculous measure of buying a gun for protection. Comfort her with your advocacy of wonderful laws like those in Australia. Tell her how safe she would be if America would just adapt to those laws. Government will provide protection.

    • Say What

      There is no doubt that there are examples of gun incidents that have good outcomes. The question is, are there more stories like this or more where guns are misused and have catastrophic results? Also, I am not anti-gun. I just feel we need to understand the lethality of guns and treat them accordingly. That is why I feel the best model is what Australia did after they finally got fed up with gun violence in the late 1990s. Australians can still own guns. They still can protect their homes. They can still hunt and sport shoot. The difference is that gun owners in Australia have to store and safeguard their guns by law. In America the NRA has made it impossible to legally hold gun owners responsible for their actions — like this idiot:

      • LAC

        Have you ever thought that there could be more stories of violence, perhaps this lady would be the victim of one of those stories in the future, if you restrict her right to use a firearm in the manner she seems necessary to protect herself? That is the whole point of all these arguments. If you pass more laws or restrictions as I like to call them, the only people that comply with them are people like this lady. The person who attacked her could care less about any law you pass. The fact that the government tells you how to store and safeguard you guns means nothing in a free country. And the thought that people are not held liable for an act that happens with a gun they own, in America currently, is complete bs.

      • TruthLivesHere

        “The difference is that gun owners in Australia have to store and safeguard their guns by law”.
        Any lawful, responsible gun owner already does this. I know I do, as do millions of others. We don’t need laws to tell us how to handle our guns. You seem to think that criminals follow laws, and that with more laws the criminals would just disappear. Dream on.

      • TruthLivesHere

        NO the real fact is that we are NOT in Europe or Australia. And as an American citizen I don’t covet how Europe and Australia live. If you think they live in some utopia, then by all means move to one of the two places. You won’t be missed here. I’m sure Barry Nine Barry would even have some sort of subsidy for your plane ticket.

      • Willie

        This is a copy/paste of a reply I made about say what on another article. ‘Sorry for repeating myself.
        To Michael and LAC…Unfortunately, we are all beating our heads against a wall trying to talk to a moron like say what. He’s your standard libtard oterrorist supporter. It doesn’t matter to twits like this if more people are murdered, more women are raped, more children are molested, more homes are invaded, ad infinitum. Idiots like this truly believe that, if they can just take away our right to defend ourselves (and others), then suddenly everyone will start farting unicorns and everything will just be beautiful. Remember, you can’t teach dead brain cells new tricks.

      • LAC

        Willie, yeah I’m on board with you. This is even a new level of stupidity for say what. He said in the NRA makes it impossible for gun owners to be held accountable and to prove this he post an article of a man in court, being held on 20,000 bond because, as a way of unloading his gun he shot through his neighbors home. Sounds like he is being held accountable to me. But somehow say what will say I am making that up.

  • LAC

    Say what, I am sorry but I seriously have to ask you why you posted a link to that story and said the NRA makes it impossible to hold gun owners responsible for their actions……. THE MAN IN THE STORY WAS TESTIFYING TO A JUDGE AND IS CURRENTLY BEING HELD ON 20,000 BOND WITH A COURT DATE OF OCT 8TH! Seems to me you just destroyed your own argument.

  • Sue

    Too bad this lady did not have a gun at that moment. I would loved to have seen the look on this thug’s face! Like all COWARDS who are criminals the chicken in him would come out. If he thought she was really not going to shoot and did not back off- then blow him away. She and her daughters was in danger so she had every right to do so!!!

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