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Developer Mungo Homes comes to Huntsville

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — A bright spot in the economy. A new home developer burst on the scene in North Alabama. Mungo Homes held a luncheon to introduce themselves to local realtors.

"There's continuous growth in our area and there's always demand for new construction," said Charlotte Englert of Rise Real Estate.

Mungo Homes, out of South Carolina, is here as a new option for home developers. The company started building homes from Harvest to Hampton Cove.

"We're building Mungo Homes on the land we purchased from Pearson Homes," said CEO Steven Mungo. "Since then, we've purchased additional properties that will be Mungo Neighborhoods from day one."

Mungo Homes sold and closed on its first home in the Tennessee Valley. Realtors that have seen the homes are excited for the new opportunities.

"They really are beautiful homes and I think it's an asset to Huntsville to have Mungo in our area," said Englert, who has toured the new homes.

The team of Affordable Used Cars, near Mungo's Grand Lake neighborhood says they expect a positive domino effect.

"I think it's great for the area. We're going to have more clients, and property values will go up," said Marsha Breedwell, finance manager for Affordable Used Cars.

The new development company is now in 13 neighborhoods in North Alabama. Now that Mungo Homes formally introduced themselves to local realtors, they look forward to being part of Huntsville.

"I have a rule of thumb, I wouldn't build anywhere that I wouldn't live," Mungo said.

The nationally recognized company has built four model homes in the area over the last three weeks. Learn more about Mungo Homes here.


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