Kind Society: New shop looks to bring street art style to Huntsville

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - If you hang around Five Points, you've probably noticed Kind Society already.  Their vision is projected on the building itself, through a spray paint mural.

Co-owner Joseph Marshall elaborates, "We're trying to bring more street art."

He arranged for the shop's distinctive art, which comes from a local, self-proclaimed hero.

"The art was done by one of our local people. His name is Chandler Hayes, aka Spray Paint Hero," Marshall said.

The shop's wares carry that street art vibe, and they also smack of the co-owner's recent residence in southern California.

The shop already stands out as distinctive and unique, but they hope to grow that identity here.

Even after all the clothes, they've got some space they hope to use for local artists to demonstrate or at least display.

But what Marshall really want you to know about Kind Society is, "That it's different."

But you probably noticed.