Survey: Decreasing teacher support for Common Core standards in Tennessee

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) – A recent survey shows support for Tennessee’s Common Core standards is decreasing among teachers.

The Tennessean ( reports the 2014 survey was done by the Tennessee Consortium on Research, Evaluation and Development.

According to the survey, 39 percent of the 27,000 Tennessee teachers who responded to the survey believe that teaching to the standards will improve student learning, compared with 60 percent who said the same in a similar survey last year.

It also found 56 percent of respondents want to abandon the standards, while 13 percent would prefer to delay their implementation. Only 31 percent want to proceed. The 2013 survey did not ask questions in that area.

Supporters of the standards say they’re needed to help high school students be more competitive, while opponents say there are still too many questions about them.


  • Say What

    So what! That would be like asking the Sergeants in the army how they feel about the rules set by the Generals! Their place is to follow rules, not make them!

  • Patrick

    SO WHAT, these have been the statistics for pushing this onto the people. The teachers or “experts” in child education were supporting this and now they are not after experiencing it. This is a clear indication that we should not be rushing into new programs without properly vetting them.

      • Realityhurts

        So I guess you are the expert then say what. We are all so shocked that you once again know exactly what should happen. What a joke

      • Say What

        It does not take an expert to know that the school administration and our elected representatives (school board and state level representatives) are responsible to set policy and procedures. It is the teachers job to follow those policies and procedures. It does not take an expert to understand that people like you have no respect for proper process and chains of command.

      • Realityhurts

        No one ever said that the teachers have the right thing to change the policies. What was said is that just about the only supporters of the policies now are against them, regardless of if that changes anything it is important to understand that the policies clearly are not accomplishing what is was said they would accomplish

      • Say What

        It is not just the teachers that supported it, the administrators and Tennessee politicians supported it, otherwise it would never have happened! Just because a slight majority of teachers no longer support it does not mean it is clearly not working.

  • Christopher

    Coming from the perspective of a teacher, it is my opinion that the reason that some teachers now oppose Common Core is because it requires them to work harder to accomplish what they once did with weaker standards. In other words, they want to return to generic standards because it requires much more work to meet the Common Core standards.

    • Ray

      Well, its my understanding that Common Core has higher standards than what we used to have. The whole point of the thing was so that a kid who went to school in Georgia could tranfer to say Mass and not be behind due to common standards. Before implementation of CCS a kid in Georgia could transfer to another state and really be behind in academics.. Common Core was developed to give skills to students that they were not getting in school that employers needed workers to have. So now people want to abandon them..Interesting..When the going gets tough quit…hmmm..What a lesson to teach our kids…

      • Christopher

        In case you did not comprehend what I wrote, that was my point although you said it differently. I am in favor of Common Core, but an increasing number of teachers are not. Thus, it is my opinion that some teachers now oppose Common Core because it requires them to get up off their behind and do their job…

  • L

    I would advise anyone interested in common core to research what it’s about, how they will achieve it, and what they intend to do with the results. “your child can transfer from Georgia to Massachusetts and not be behind” is the marketing strategy to “sell it”. No child left behind sounded good too…didn’t it. Now we know that meant passing them no matter how much work you did for them. Do the research, look,at the testing, look at the stats they will keep, look at how they will steer a child’s future based on testing.

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