New business in north Huntsville welcomed, renews concerns about pedestrian safety

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) -- Construction continues on a new Family Dollar Store on University Drive.

All of the work is a welcome sight in north Huntsville, said Councilman Richard Showers, Sr. on Wednesday.

"Certainly delighted to have the dollar store. More jobs, more opportunities to shop," he said.

But he added, there's another side of the coin too.

The new opportunity for shoppers and growth is also renewing old concerns about crosswalks in that area, close to the Northwoods Housing Development.

Residents there would likely be Family Dollar customers because of its convenient location, said Showers, but there's not a crosswalk directly to that part of the street in front of the store.

Because of past car-pedestrian accidents in that area, Showers is concerned.

"There's a tendency for the residents who reside there in Northwoods to cross wherever it's convenient for them to cross. And so that's not always the best thing to happen," he said. "We have a task force now that's being led by John Hamilton, our City Administrator, to come up with some avenues to better address the crossing."

He said there have not yet been decisions made about what kind of change will happen to accommodate pedestrians in that area, but he says some kind of action will be chosen. For now, it's just a work in progress.

Showers says he's excited about the new store, nonetheless.

"We want more businesses along University Drive. And in north Huntsville," he said.


  • Richard

    A Dollar Store directly across from the projects… wonder how mny times it will get robbed?
    I would never shop there. If that is the kind of growth the North side gets excited about, then so be it.

    • ariel

      Exactly. There’s already a ton of people walking across that street with no business there. So they obviously aren’t too concerned about their own safety so no one else should be worried about it.

  • ariel

    And i also like how it’s a news story when there might be a safety concern with people in the projects NOT using crosswalks but no one mentions that kids from butler high have to practically walk across the interstate. Not to mention a million other safety concerns that have been caused by the city.

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