Decatur Police charge man with sexually abusing a child under 12

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Darby Keith McKay (Photo: Decatur Police)

DECATUR, Ala. – Decatur Police have arrested a man on sexual abuse charges after a call to authorities Tuesday.

Police received a call reporting sexual abuse just after noon on Tuesday. Detectives with the Violent Crimes Unit responded and began an investigation.

Darby Keith McKay, 41, was arrested and charged with Sexual Abuse of a Child Less Than 12 Years of Age. He was transported to the Decatur City Jail where he will be held, pending bond.


  • Jeremy

    @Phil Knicabock, @Laramie, You poor people are under the mistaken impression that an arrest == guilt. I will attempt to educate you poor misguided fools. People lie, police make mistakes, sometimes all the evidence points to the wrong place. That is exactly why, in our criminal justice system you are innocent until proven guilty. Am I saying this guy is innocent of the alleged crime? Nope not at all. The fact is i do not know the facts of the case, nor do any of you. I personally feel it is an injustice for the media to be able to report arrests. The fact is even if this guy is aquitted in court, all anyone will remember is he was arrested for child molesting, his life is already ruined and he has not been proven to be guilty of anything. But the media will report these types of things because it gets folks all emotional and they get the viewers, nevermind what it does to someones life. I realize freedom of the press is a constitutionally protected right, but rights need to be tempered by restraint.

    • Juan Contreras

      En my country you are arresed and made guilty an you have make police know you are no guilty. here you are arresed an no guilty.

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