Several Tennessee Valley schools cancel after school activities Monday due to weather concerns

Police threaten to ticket parents blocking roads around Arab school

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ARAB, Ala. (WHNT) — Police are asking parents to not block roads around Arab Primary School, but soon the warnings will end and tickets will have to be issued if things don’t change.

Arab police say parents are lining up too soon to pick up their kids, sometimes two hours before kids are let out for the day. Those cars are blocking access to the school area and neighborhood driveways.

Parents have been given flyers asking them to not arrive until 1:45 PM to line up to pick up kids, but so far those requests have not been followed.

Police plan on being at the school to monitor the situation this week and say if they don’t see changes, drivers will be issued traffic citations for parking on a highway.

WHNT News 19 has learned this is an ongoing problem, but recent concerns over school security promoted officials to act. They say having so many people lined up blocking traffic for hours could be a safety problem because those vehicles block access to the school for emergency crews.



  • Tim

    Legally extort some money from parents. That will solve the problem !! Dont bother looking at underlying issues or why parents feel they need to be there so early ? I hope the people of Arab take a stand on this and don’t allow themselves to be bullied by threats of tickets.

    • Sharon

      I take it you don’t live near a school. I also take it you have not had a parent blocking your driveway. I do and I have and after asking the parent to move so I can get to my own house I was threatened with violence and had to call the police to get the parent to move. So while you may feel they are extorting them, I feel that if the parents are not responsible and respectful they need to be ticketed. There would be no need to involve the authorities if the parents would behave better than their 7year olds.

      • Michael

        Tim is still right. Take a look at the underlying problems instead of creating a revenue system for the city. Are the roads big/wide enough? Is there enough space at the school for parents to park until it’s time? Are there any alternate routes that can be had? Involving the police writing tickets is a band-aid over an infection at best.

      • Stephanie

        I live close to a school and I completely understand frustrations of not being able to get to your home without waiting in a line of cars, but I was also aware of where my house was located when we chose to buy in that neighborhood. The roads could be improved or an area provided for parents to wait for their children. Our child has been in the Arab school system for 5 years now and never once have I felt that proper safety officials (police, fire, EMS) would have an issue getting to the school. There are some people who have cursed children waiting with their parents for being in their “yard” aka ditch playing as to pass the time…there are teachers who were suppose to be watching children during a fire drill but instead chose to post pictures of waiting parents on Facebook instead. This has simply become a game of who has the last laugh. Why create such an ordeal as to cause the police dept to have to patrol car bell line instead of protecting our city. This situation has gotten out of hand…

      • K

        I’m sorry but I don’t believe a parent would make threats in the school car line. It’s honestly absurd and laughable! More than likely you were rude despite what was likely a mistake and you decided to over-react so you had something to feel important about! I would love to hear the other side of the story. It’s said there are three sides to every story, their side, your side, and the truth. It’s people with your attitude that makes Arab have unnecessary problems. I hope you find something more fulfilling to complain about in life. Maybe the parents should complain about the yards that have a lot of junk in them or in the driveway. It takes all of us working together but clearly there is a bad apple in every bunch!

  • michael

    What ever happened to kids riding the school bus? I rode the bus from kindergarten till I was able to drive. Why wait for 2 hours before kids are let out ? Pointless in my opinion

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