Arsenal: Gate 7 open for afternoon traffic

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REDSTONE ARSENAL, Ala. (WHNT) -  Staff at Redstone Arsenal hope to have Gate 7 open by close of business Tuesday so people can use it to go home.

It is now open for traffic.

Gate 7, Martin Road off of Zierdt Road, was closed for much of the day Tuesday.  It caused long delays Tuesday morning as drivers had to use other entry points, most of them opting for Gate 9.

This caused delays on many feeder roads to Gate 9, including Interstate 565 and Old Madison Pike.

It didn't just impact Arsenal drivers, though.  Some students were late to nearby schools due to the traffic delays.  Office staff at Columbia High School confirmed four school buses were late on Tuesday.

Gate 7 is closed because a disposal crew is getting rid of unexploded ordnance that construction workers found on Monday evening.


  • Tom

    Living off of Zerdt, getting to work this morning was a real chore… what normally takes me 10 minutes (to Research Park) took me almost an hour… I’m just glad nobody was injured by any of those ordnances…

  • Say What

    If the Tea Party had their way, there would be about half as many “government workers” on the government payroll and, therefore, half the traffic jams!

    • Branko Pezdi

      Yet another simplistic straw man comment from our resident liberal clown. The Tea Party (for the most part – naïve isolationist libertarians are the exception) has no objections to the federal government doing its CONSTITUTIONAL functions such as DEFENSE, which is the function of Redstone Arsenal. The Tea Party does not even object to the federal government pursuing cutting edge science and research, e.g. NASA (whose budget is peanuts compared to virtually every other federal program in existence). The Tea Party objects to the innumerable UNCONSTITUTIONAL activities that the federal government wastes taxpayer funds on (even setting aside inherent government inefficiency in doing ANY project), which means the bulk of domestic social programs and agencies, all of which rob one group of individuals and reward another group of individuals, that the Framers via the 10th Amendment envisioned the federal government as having no business doing.

      • Say What

        Blanko, a large part of what is created in the military-industrial complex is sold as a product to other countries. America is the arms dealer to the world, not just for our “Constitutional” requirement for security. You can justify our being the merchants of death in any way that helps you keep your delusion alive in your mind!

  • Dean

    Why does Redstone Arsenal not have local ordinance disposal personnel, at an installation of this caliber? It seems ridiculous to have to call in personnel from as far as Kentucky, when it would seem EVERY military base should have experts to deal with issues like this. If this had been a more serious incident, we would have to wait for these experts to arrive, to neutralize the threat

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