Police: Gunman kills 2, himself at UPS facility in Birmingham

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(CNN) -- Three people were dead Tuesday morning after a shooting at a UPS facility in Inglenook, Alabama, said Capt. Jerry Wiley of the Birmingham Police Department.

A Birmingham police officer responding to a report of an active shooter found three people dead, including the gunman from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Police said there were no other suspects. Wiley said the motive was not known.

According to CNN affiliate WBRC, the shooter was a recently-fired former UPS employee. He was terminated Sunday, the affiliate said, and wore his UPS uniform when he returned to the facility Tuesday.

Citing a police lieutenant, the affiliate reported the two victims are believed to be higher-ranked employees.


Joe Tesney (Photo: Facebook)

The Birmingham Police Department identified the shooter as Kerry Joe Tesney, 45, of Trussville. The identity of the victims has not been released by police.

"It appears that the shooter knew exactly who he wanted to target at the time," said Birmingham police Lt. Sean Edwards, the affiliate reported.

The FBI in Birmingham had no immediate comment. An investigation is ongoing.

"Our thoughts and prayers are with the families and co-workers of those who died this morning," Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley said in a statement.

"State law enforcement resources are available and ready to assist if needed as investigators work to determine a cause in this deadly shooting," he said.


  • Say What

    I guess this would have still happened if all they had easily available was a baseball bat or butter knives? Right? Right?

    • Dane Parker

      That’s a conveniently forced list of countries. Where’s Saudi Arabia, China, Israel, Indonesia? The fact is the numbers are meaningless by themselves. At the lower end of the spectrum of violent countries are those that have a well-armed citizenry like Israel as well as governments that have poor human rights records and treat criminals ruthlessly; whereas those at the high end–like South Africa, Honduras, and Venezuela–vary significantly in regard to regulations concerning firearms. (The U.S., by the way has some 4.7 per 100,000 homicides, which is well below the world average of approximately 9.7. It’s not exactly doom and gloom over here; it’s just the habit of the media to report on really bad things.)

      This suggests that violence is in large measure a function of political and even geo-political realities—not simply a yes or no attitude toward guns. And the reality here in the U.S. is that guns are so pervasive in their presence that, as with drugs, any war on them would likely be an unmitigated failure and would (if pursued to the extreme) cultivate a black market that would only encourage criminal gun ownership that would make the new gunpowder kingpins rich at the expense of more lives, not less. You cannot transplant gun policy from one country to the next; you have to deal with the realities on the ground. Come back down to Earth, Say What.

      • Say What

        Dana, rather than moving the goal post (adding your own list) why don’t you address why the gun violence is so low in the countries I provided? Start with Australia!


    People KILL People. You “Libs” simply can’t think for yourself! You are Puppets on O-Bumma’s string. 2nd Amendment is never going away! Everyone:: Please help control the “Liberal” Population, Have your “Lib” Spayed/Neutered!!!!

    • Say What

      You neatly avoided my question and spat out your usual NRA talking points! I will ask again — how many “people killed people” (with guns) in Japan, Australia, Germany, or Canada?

      • LAC

        Plenty, and they kill people with instruments other than guns. You make a dumb blanket statement. If those places are so great move there. Or maybe you should do something no liberal has ever done… propose a logical solution! What are you proposing here, take everyone’s guns away? You think everyone including criminals is going to just give them up freely? Asking Norway how taking guns from everyone including police… Or maybe you can ask the parents of one of those children. Do you propose more laws? Here is a simple solution… Why don’t we just make murder illegal? Oh wait….

      • Say What

        Justsomedude, my position is not made invalid by your single example. Since 2010, 20 people were killed in knife attacks in your example. Just one example in America killed over 20 children! Again, it is not that people do not kill people in those countries I listed, it is a matter of how often and how many. No country come close to the numbers killed in America with easily available guns.

        LAC, many liberals have proposed solutions. You do not know because you only listen to people that believe as you do! Here is one — we should follow the lead set by Australia.

      • LAC

        Say what,
        Then move to Australia! I prefer the liberty and freedom provided to me by the greatest country ever known.
        As for your Australia argument:
        Quaker hill fire- 10 to 21 dead
        2011 hectorville siege- 3 dead several wounded
        Churchhill fire 2009 10 dead
        Monash u shooting- 3 dead several wounded
        Childers palace fire – 15 dead
        Port authur massacre- 35 dead 21 wounded
        Central coast massacre – , strathfield massacre, Surry hill massacre, queen street massacre, hoddle street massacre,, joseph schwab massacre, milperra massacre, backpacker murders, Melbourne gangland, Eric Edgar cook, Russell street bombing, Sydney Hilton bombing, all mass murders in Australia…..it happens everywhere.. At least in America I can protect myself somewhat and do not have to rely on the government to do so.

        But hey, dont let the facts get in the way of a good story. No law you will ever get passed will stop a criminal from being a criminal…none…ever…thats why they are criminals.

      • Say What

        LAC, all those events that you listed are the reason that Australia implemented their gun regulations in 1996. How many mass shooting and guns deaths have occurred in Australia since they passed their gun regulations? I will help you out. Before the 1996 laws, guns accounted for 22% of all homicides in Australia. Since the new laws were passed, homicides with guns have been cut in half (11%).

      • LAC

        But you can assume the same will happen here. The population here is different than Australia, and overwhelmingly believe in the 2nd Amendment, and remember we govern ourselves. In Australia, arson deaths have risen since the 1996 laws. Germany was also on your list, how many deaths did Hitler cause with his gun control? And again you are all about people answering your question, please answer mine, how do you realistically propose to institute gun control in this country? I’m sure all the thugs in Chicago and New York, LA and such will be glad to just give all their guns over to the government for the betterment of the country, how do you overcome that hurdle?

  • NRA Is Here To Stay

    Maybe you could do America a tremendous favor, and Move to one of these other countries.! Better yet, go join ISIS in Syria. We’ll make a “special” Delivery to you!!

  • Nuclear Mike

    When people become desperate thru the events of their lives and they choose to punish those that make decisions that affect their lives, then we must ALL be conscious of how we treat others…and the results of how we choose to use our power over others.

    • LAC

      You have a good post, but we also can strap the hands of managers for fear of retaliation. Bad employees need to be let go . Losing your job is a very stressful event that can certainly drive good people to do things they normally would do. The managers here may have very well treated him very respectfully and he still did this. Tough situation either way.

  • Michael

    Another gun story, another rambling argument by Say What that essentially says only the government should have guns.

    • Say What

      Michael, don’t make stuff up because you are losing the debate! I never said that only the government should have guns. I said that we should learn a few things from what Australia did when that got fed up with gun violence. Australians can still own guns.

      • Say What

        LAC. I never used the word ban! I said (again) that we should learn a few things from Australia’s example. They can still own guns in Australia. Don’t be like Michael and make up things that I never said!

      • Michael

        And I never said you said it directly.

        USA’s gun violence is down too from the last 20 years. You won’t bring up that though.

      • LAC

        You accuse us of making up things you have said, the problem is you haven’t said a single thing. What exactly should we learn from Australia, what freedoms will we be forced to give up to learn from Australia, can those lessons we learn from Australia be realistically and reasonably achieved here, how do we achieve lessons learned from Australia here?

        The problem with liberals is that they never really want an issue fix because they would have anything to cry about, blame things on or point out how much better other countries are.

      • Say What

        Michael, even at the low rate America has a lot higher gun violence rate than the countries I listed — try again!

      • upsemployee

        America has “street guns” or “stolen guns” we got way too many bad people with guns and until you confiscate those weapons. ..ill never give my gun up. Btw worst school kkilling in history was with a bomb. Google it! Happened in 1940’s. A guy Iin China went crazy and stabbed a hundred people started his rampage at his apartment-streets- ended in a subway. YOU WILL NEVER RID AMERICA FROM GUNS NO MORE THAN WE DID DRUGS. So yes, I love to see good ol boy with his gun on his hip. I feel safer. We don’t live in Australia

    • LAC


      • Michael

        I got to give him a little credit. At least he has the decency to carry on a debate unlike a lot of the other cowards that frequent here that simply have my comments deleted (temporarily) simply because they don’t like or agree with it. As much as Say What and I may disagree, I’ll never snitch on him (her?).

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