Getting Results: Leaky ceiling repaired, breath of fresh air for young mother

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - The young mother who came to WHNT News 19 for help with her leaky ceiling finally has a breath of fresh air. Stephanie Woods said with our help, and the help from Hunstville Community Development, maintenance finally fixed a problem she had been dealing with for months.

About two weeks ago, Woods asked for help.  She told WHNT the Woodway Pines apartment management  wasn't properly repairing a leak in her ceiling, leaving her and her baby to sleep with in a room with mold and mildew.

There were watermarks on the ceiling and down the walls. The carpet was damp, and smelled like mildew. Woods also showed us a rash on her baby's hands and feet that she felt was related to the leak.

So, we took action. We confronted management and then shared Woods' struggle with our viewers. An officer with Huntsville Code Enforcement also inspected her apartment. She said they gave management four months to repair the damage.

Luckily, it happened sooner.

"They knocked down the Sheetrock," Woods said.  "When they knocked down the Sheetrock, it was pretty much nothing but black mold. And then they painted all over where all the water damage was, even down the wall. So, they came out and did their job."

When WHNT first stopped by the Woodway Pines apartment complex two weeks ago, we learned maintenance attempted to repair the damage in August. Records showed they painted over the leak, and turned in a 'completed' work order.

However, weeks later, the leak was back. Woods felt is was a health hazard for her and her 10-month-old baby boy. A few weeks later, after a visit from WHNT and Huntsville Code Enforcement, they fixed the problem.

Woods said it took them two weeks to clear the mold and repair the damage it left behind.

"After they knocked down the Sheetrock and fixed my apartment, I haven't been itching, I haven't been breaking out. And then my house does not have an odor anymore."

They cleaned the carpet, and the mildew smell is gone.

"They actually came out, thanks to News Channel 19, they got the job done."

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