Mother, daughter die in late-night wreck in Lauderdale County

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LAUDERDALE COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) - "I know that at two in the morning, if someone is calling me... something's wrong."

Unfortunately something was. Anderson resident Sheree Cates has been unable to sleep since she got the news of her good friend's car running off the road.

"She was a good person, she [really] was," said Cates. "Everybody loved her. She made everybody laugh. I just... I can't believe it."

The wreck on Highway 207 happened just before 11:30 Thursday night.

"When we got to the scene, we had one vehicle down a 30 or 40 foot embankment," said Pam Word with the Anderson Volunteer Fire Department. "We had one person out of the car, and one person entrapped in the car."

Both Kristy Parker and her 22-year-old daughter Charity were deceased by the time officials arrived. Charity's unborn child was also lost.

"She just found out a month or so ago that she was pregnant again," said Cates. Charity was in the first trimester of her second pregnancy. The two women worked at the family business, the State Line Lounge just north of the Tennessee state line.

"She was a real good cook. She just opened up the restaurant part, she'd been dreaming of that since she opened up," said Cates.

The lounge is closed until next week to give everyone time to grieve.

An unlikely connection

First responders know the area far too well following the bicyclist-involced accident that claimed the life of James Keith Green and hospitalized Mannon Rogers. Friends say Kristy Parker's husband Steven Parker is hit hardest by the accident -- because he was the driver that hit Green and Rogers weeks ago.

"We were just talking about it the other night," said Cates. "Kristy said 'it was an accident. The sun was in his eyes when he went over that hump and he didn't see them until he hit them.'"

Parker hit the cyclists less than a mile from where his wife and stepdaughter crashed Thursday.

"I don't know how he's going to take this," said Cates. "So much has happened to him in the last two-three weeks, I just don't know how he's going to take it."

Even the Anderson Volunteer Fire Department, who responded to both wrecks on Highway 207, took note of the odd coincidence.

"To have the same families to be invovled in two devastating situations, losing family members... it's ironic that it happened that way," said Word. "Makes you wonder how much some people can take."


  • Juliet

    Christy was a sweet girl who always showed strength, kindness and persevered through. She was a good mom who loved her baby from the first second she found out she was pregnant. Praying for Charity’s baby and Kristy’s young child and the dad’s and families entrusted to care for them. May they find peace in the memories of love and laughter and hope for tomorrow through those precious children’s eyes.

  • Stacy Peebles

    Prayers not only go out for the families of these ladies, but for the rescue workers who worked the scene last night. My son was one of those workers and it was a devastating accident. Prayers to everyone involved. God bless our rescue workers who lay their lives on the line daily to help people who need them,

    • Claire Aiello

      Paul, thank you for your note. We’ve corrected the errors.

      We’ve actually strengthened our efforts in the past few days to catch spelling and grammatical errors. We hope you will see improvement overall.

  • LISA

    please pray for charitys baby that God will have his hand in on everything surrounding this childs life her father is trying to get her to take care of her and it is heart breaking on everyone just pray Gods will to be done in this situation

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