Decatur Police: Toddler falls into church baptistery, drowns

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DECATUR, Ala. – Police report a toddler drowned in the baptistery of a Decatur church Friday night.

At 7:44 p.m. Friday night, Decatur Police and Decatur Fire and Rescue received a call of a possible child drowning at the Pentecostal House of Prayer, located at 311 Memorial Dr NW.

Decatur Police say when officers and paramedics arrived, they found Brayden King, 22 months old, unresponsive. Members of the church were performing CPR on King.

First responders transported King to the hospital where he passed away, according to police.

Police believe King fell into the church’s baptistery, which was full of water, where he drowned.

Authorities are investigating the cause of King’s death.


  • Red

    How does a 22 month old even get in a baptisery by himself? How does a child drown unless it is unsupervised? Drowning isn’t an instantaneous thing. Lots of questions here for the police to investigate.

  • KB

    So my comment is awaiting moderation? What’s wrong WHNT? I made a comment about a non-supervised child at a church? Truth hurts. I see you’ve already deleted the comments others made about this baby not being watched. You think because it was in a church its inappropriate? How about deleting all the racist comments on other stories you post.

    • Claire Aiello

      KB, when someone (a user) flags your comment it goes in to moderation mode. We have it set at 1 flag, not more, because sadly some people are trolls and have no sensitivity about others going through hard situations. We check the comments in moderation as often as we can, and yes, we are keeping an eye on the other commenters you mentioned.

  • Chelsea

    So God has the ability to create the world in 7 days but can’t save a drowning child in his own “house”. I guess God, nor the parents, cared about that child, leaving her unsupervised like that.

  • Stephanie

    First off my respects go to the fam …. I am concerned about why the baby was alone but mistakes do happened….god makes no mistakes. It was his time to go no matter the age when god put us on this earth we weren’t made to be here forever and sad to say this baby was only meant to be here a short period of time….. when its ur time u have no say so. May god be with this family as well as church family..

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