Apple “Divider” a Deal

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Viewers seem to love it when we chop things up for Deal or Dud.

The cynic in me suggests that viewers love watching us chop things up to see if we’re going to lose a finger.

Judging the dexterity and coordination of many of us in the newsroom, I can understand that expectation and anticipation.

We tested the “Melonslicer” for big game. It made quick work of several watermelons we tested. That was a “Deal.”

There is an apple version … or make that a version that slices apples.

It’s the “My Perfect Kitchen Apple Divider.”

The cynic in me (he crops up a lot, doesn’t he?) suggests that in this day and time where words are landmines, calling an apple slicer an “apple divider” is somehow important.

We bought three big apples and the “My Perfect Kitchen Apple Divider” just destroyed them.

It cored and sliced the apples quickly and efficiently.

The “My Perfect Kitchen Apple Divider” is a Deal.  It only costs $4.99.

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