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“Wipe New” Debatable

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We’ve tested many products claiming to get your vehicle headlights clean.

Once, we tested a viewer suggestion toothpaste and a toothbrush was a good way to get your headlights clean.

Actually, that suggestion worked pretty well.

There is a product called “Wipe New” that claims to get headlights clean.

We took the product to a pro. John Bollinger from Dent Systems in Huntsville has been in the car repair business over 30 years.

John told us it’s a good thing to lower your expectations when you see product like this. All of them will be temporary fixes he says.

After testing the Wipe New on a headlight in his shop, he said the best you can get is about six months out of an “over the counter” headlight cleaning kit.

There is a thin film that covers the headlights and products like this generally clean the film on the headlight.

Wipe New worked ok. We made it “Debatable.”

If you want a six-month fix, then Wipe New will work. If you want a permanent fix, then you need to take your headlight to a pro for work and cleaning.

It cost $19.99.   That makes the toothbrush/toothpaste combo look pretty good to me.