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UAH announces new scholarship, early enrollment opportunities for nursing students

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – If you have high schoolers, this story might be big for your family.

The University of Alabama in Huntsville announced Monday morning that Bryant Bank will give them $3 million for scholarships for nursing students.

This goes along with a change to how nursing students are brought into the program.

It’s an important change as UAH College of Nursing’s Ellise Adams notes, “The nursing program has the largest number of graduates from UAH of any college.”

But the money comes with a message to those in the room about some of UAH’s broader goals.

UAH President Robert Altenkirch points out, “We were turning away a large number of qualified students, and by going this early admission route and having the financial support to help recruit, we’ll be able to meet our goals of enrollment increases.”

As for that early admission route, the money for the program gets presented to the room with a new process, where incoming students can secure a spot in the nursing program before they get to campus.

Adams adds, “Currently, we have very little contact with the freshman and the sophomores that have declared nursing. Then they have to apply to nursing for their junior year and hopefully get accepted.”

Speakers at the meeting note that deters some students.  Now the university can attract them.

Adams elaborates, “This extra scholarship money is going to allow us to recruit students as freshman and keep them with us through those freshman, sophomore years, and then let them be admitted directly into nursing as they become juniors.”

The money will come in through $100,000 increments over the next thirty years.