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Therapists: Help is out there for children affected by trauma

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TRINITY, Ala. (WHNT)-- After an attempted murder and suicide last weekend, a family is torn apart.

Trinity police say Adrian Wray shot himself after wounding his wife, and their 5-year-old son saw it happen. Their 15-year-old daughter called 911.

Police say it's a good thing she was able to remain calm enough to tell dispatchers her address as well as additional details to help them find the home, such as what types of cars they would see on the driveway.

Chief Chris McLemore with the Trinity Police Department said, "She really [did] well, in this tragic situation."

He said when children are involved at a crime scene, investigators do everything they can to ensure their safety as well as help the children feel safe.

"We try to put ourselves in their shoes," he said. "This is probably the most traumatic thing that has happened to them... possibly will ever happen [to them.]"

He described the emotions the children must have felt after the scene was secure.

"They were crying extensively," he said, "to the point where you could hardly understand them."

It's those kinds of emotions that are natural after a horrific event, especially one involving family, said Morgan County Child Advocacy Center Therapist and Forensic Interviewer Mary Alex Dill.

"It's not just about having experienced something shocking, or that put your own body in danger," she said. "It's also about ongoing loss."

She said many children in similar situations go through "Trauma-focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy" to help heal the pain they experience.

If it's left un-dealt with, it could cause a number of problems including trouble sleeping, even emotional numbing. The scene could also come back to haunt children who do not fully recover from what they went through.

At the Morgan County Child Advocacy Center, this therapy is vital and one of many services they provide for victims and suffering children, in a safe environment.

"If we can get the kids help right away, they don't get stuck in these places where these overwhelming symptoms can have a really lasting impact," said Dill.

Chief McLemore echoed that thought: "Your heart goes out to these kids in situations like this."

We're told the children are safely in the care of other family members.