Senior Center coming to Gurley

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GURLEY, Ala. (WHNT)-- Soon, Gurley will have its very first senior center.

Madison County Commissioners say it's been a long time coming, and they're hoping it brings more energy to the community it will serve.

Commissioner Eddie Sisk said the facility will give seniors a place to gather, a place that's just for them. It will be fun, but also, provide some services that can keep them feeling young.

"They'll come in, they'll play cards, we'll have dominoes. We are going to put in a training center for computers, it'll be just your basic computer skill training," he said.

This would be an asset for a largely older community, he said.

Meals on Wheels will also be involved, providing food on-siteĀ as well as delivering to those who can't come to the building.

"It'll have a lunch every day for the seniors who come to the center," said Sisk. "You'll be surprised how many people in this community may not get a nutritious meal in a day's time."

The building has been under construction since last Spring, and Sisk estimates it will be done before January if everything stays on track.