Decatur police officer wrecks patrol car

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DECATUR, Ala. (WHNT) — A Decatur police officer is recovering this morning after wrecking his car overnight.

It happened at about 12:15 Monday morning.  Officials say the officer was on patrol, headed north on Central Parkway in south Decatur. He noticed a vehicle speeding south.  He attempted to make a traffic stop, but the officer lost control of his vehicle.

The officer ran over a curb and knocked down a street sign and parts the a wooden fence of a nearby home. He was taken to Decatur-Morgan Hospital with minor injuries.

The name of the officer has not been released.


    • Branko Pezdi

      So with your superior powers of perception you have concluded that 1) the patrol car was a total loss, and 2) the City of Decatur does not insure its fleet. Amazing!

      • Say What

        Blanko, do you not recognize sarcasm? Political commentary does not often rely on facts — of all people you should know that!!!

      • Branko Pezdi

        “Political commentary does not often rely on facts — of all people you should know that!!!”

        Of course I know that, as I proved with my reply to you. What I didn’t recognize was the sarcasm, as your post seemed to be typical of what you always write in all seriousness.

  • Bill

    Glad the officer wasn’t badly hurt. Driving appears to be as bad as the cities lack of leadership. Someone needs to get serious about this cities problems.

  • LEO

    “”Jon Viberl” Your an idiot. I’d love to see you fill the shoes of Police Officers and Deputies for just one day.
    “Say What”: Good one :) !
    “Bill”: Agree completely.

    • Jon Viberl

      I’m an ‘idiot’ yet you can’t you the right form of ‘your’. I could fill a police officers shoes quite easily, doesn’t require much skill.. Drive around all day being a dbag and wrecking cars.

  • unkown

    Guess he tried to do what he seen on TV and failed. Making that illegal U-turn just to stop a speeder ended up costing more than they would have gotten from a simple speeding ticket.

    • LAC

      Alabama state law says you can make a u turn anywhere there is not a sign prohibiting a I turn, provided you do not interfere with other traffic.

  • Joy

    I know the officer involved and he is not a reckless idiot, he’s very intelligent actually. So tell me, have you ever tried to catch up to a car speeding at 100 mph in Decatur’s POS cars, while its pitch black outside, on a screwed up road, try to radio in the call, while still keeping your eye on the speeding vehicle and your surroundings. Unless you have had to do that then your opinion of what you see as reckless is irrelevant and you sound like the idiot. And no you probably couldn’t fill a police officer position either, so why don’t you take your ignorant comments elsewhere until you step into his shoes.

    • unknown 2352

      He should be used to driving and radioing if he was trying to pull a u turn he should have executed that then after straightening his car radioed it in knowing he would be able to control the car with one hand on a straightaway.

  • Jones

    Serves my observation. Look, these ‘honourable’ officers need to blow into a machine when they check into work and after they are done with their shifts and of course its Decatur.

  • LAC

    What an outrage, a private citizen hasn’t had a accident in, what, decades at least. How could a police officer, how of course is not human but rather a machine programmed to never make mistakes, have this happen.
    Hope you are okay officer and sorry that idiot have free speech and even worse, can reproduce.

  • austin

    Whats fucked up is i watch decatur cops speed all up an down my road an there lights are not evan on. Like 50mph on a 30!! Can i chase them an get lights on my truck

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